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Google Ads AI Asset Generation For Performance Max Rolling Out

Google Ads AI Asset Generation For Performance Max Rolling Out

Google is now rolling out the generative AI asset generation features for performance max Google Ads campaigns in the US. This allows you to let Google’s AI create headlines, descriptions, and images for your PMax campaigns.

Sounds familiar? Yea, Google announced these features at the Google Marketing Live event back in May.

Google said, “We announced generative AI features in Performance Max at Google Marketing Live earlier this year and today we are starting to roll them out as a beta to all customers in the US. This will make Performance Max even better at helping marketers scale and build high-quality assets that drive performance.”

Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, said on X, “No matter the size of your business or team, supplying high quality creatives can be a barrier to maximizing success with PMax. To help solve this challenge, asset generation in Performance Max is now rolling out in the US – to start.”

Here is a GIF showing how Google Ads Performance Max will suggest and generate headlines, descriptions, and images and allow you to provide text prompts to generate even more assets.

Google Ads Pmax Ai

AI is a choice Google said, “You’re always in control and can decide which assets you want to add to your campaign and any images generated will be unique to your business or client. Google AI will never create two identical images.”

Google said this will roll out to more countries next year:

Here are Ginny’s tweets:

Some industry takes:

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