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Google Confirms Testing Emojis In Some Search Ads

By | January 25, 2022

Google has confirmed it is officially testing placing emojis in some search ads. Darcy Burk spotted a pizza emoji on a search ad for Uber Eats and posted the screenshot on Twitter. Ginny Marvin of Google on the Ads Liaison Twitter account confirmed Google is testing placing emojis in some search ads. Here is a screenshot: Ginny Marvin… Read More »

Confirmed Bug With Google Ads Discovery & Performance Max Campaign, Plus New Placement Reports

By | January 21, 2022

Google Ads confirmed some sort of bug with Discovery and Performance Max campaigns that are a “significant subset of users.” It is unclear what this bug is, but it started last ***** at around 11pm ET. Also, George Nguyen at Search Engine Land spotted that Google released new placement reports for Performance Max campaigns. Discovery and Performance Max… Read More »

Google Ads New Experiments Page Now Live

By | January 21, 2022

Google is rolling out a new Google Ads experiments page that promises to “help you create, manage, and optimize your experiments in one place.” There is a new summary page for your experiments and a sync feature. Previously in Google Ads if you were running an experiment, you first had to create a campaign draft and then test… Read More »

Google Local Service Ads Allows Alternative Background Checks Process

By | January 20, 2022

Ben Fisher spotted an update to the Google Local Service ads help documents around the screening and verification process for businesses. Google added a section that says businesses can request that their “own dedicated background check partner” do the verification. The new paragraph that was added reads “Businesses that have their own dedicated background check partner and process… Read More »

How to Setup Discovery Ads (And Create One, Too!)

By | January 18, 2022

  In our previous Google Discovery ads post, we talked about what it is and the benefits to users and businesses. Today, we’ll walk you through on how to setup your Discovery ads. To refresh your knowledge, Discover Ads are highly visual, personalized, mobile-optimized ads. Google’s machine learning answers a user’s question before it appears in its search… Read More »

Google: Target CPA In Google Ads Not Going Away In 2022

By | January 17, 2022

Google’s Ginny Marvin via the AdsLiaison account on Twitter confirmed that target CPA, tCPA, is not being cancelled in 2022. She wrote “we have no plans to sunset tCPA in 2022” after there were some speculation that it might be turned off in 2022. Ginny did add “As announced last year, we did make some changes to how… Read More »

Getting better results from Google Ads

By | January 17, 2022

Jan 17, 2022 | 13 min read Google Ads is the most popular online marketing platform in the world right now. However, not everyone who advertises there gets the results that they are looking for. Many businesses approach Google Ads thinking that all their problems are solved, only to be disappointed after a little while. It is the… Read More »

Google Ads Versatile Text Ads = Responsive Search Ads?

By | January 14, 2022

Steve Plimmer posted a screenshot from the Google Ads console’s change history log showing how Google has named the RSAs, response search ads, versatile text ads. It makes you wonder if Google will rename RSA responsive search ads to VTA versatile text ads or if this is just how Google originally named it internally and forgo to remove… Read More »

Google Ads Local Campaigns Ad Scheduling Isn’t Allowed

By | January 11, 2022

Did you know that your local campaigns in Google Ads can now be scheduled to turn on or off on certain days or time of the day? Anders Hjorth posted a cryptic error when trying to set a schedule for local campaigns in Google Ads that read “this operation is not allowed for the given context.” He said… Read More »

Google Ads Disapproved Ads Auditor

By | January 11, 2022

Google Ads has a new scaled ad auditing tool set of code you can download at GitHub and use in your own software systems for managing your ads. The Disapproved Ads Auditor tool helps you both flag and automatically delete ads that violating Google Ads policies on your accounts. Advertisers operating at scale need a scalable solution to… Read More »