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The Role Of Blog Content And Multiple Search-Friendly Formats In 2024

There has always been an intimate bond between content and SEO.

Today, I want to share some thoughts and tips on blogs, content, and search-friendly formats in particular. Furthermore, I will share insights into how generative AI has added a new element to this relationship.

Google’s recent updates about helpful and valuable content have reignited discussions on how content is found and where it ranks.

The Bigger Blog And Content Picture

People do not consume media in silos, and search engines no longer present results in silos. Search results are changing from the evolution of the 10 blue links to the rise of short-form videos.

As marketers, we need to ensure we are presenting consumers with experiences driven by a combination of text, visual, audio, and social content

Last year, there were widespread suggestions on the decline of blogging, mainly due to short-form social media platforms like TikTok and snappy video platforms like YouTube shorts becoming popular.

However, in a recent survey, out of all the content marketing channels – videos, infographics, eBooks, and online events – 78% of enterprises used blogs to help market their brands last year.

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Image from Content Marketing Institute, November 2023

However, blogging does not mean operating in a silo. Just view people’s profiles on LinkedIn, and you will see more of them below.

The Role Of Blog Content And Multiple Search-Friendly Formats In 2024

The Role Of Blog Content And Multiple Search-Friendly Formats In 2024

This is especially true as social media platforms also become blog and article content sources.

Today, it is essential for brands and the strategies top brands use to ensure they are always in front of their audience (and own their media and messages) so customers can quickly get direct access to their questions with answers that resonate and educate.

This covers many types of content, such as text, image visual, voice, and user-generated content.

Although blogs are traditionally viewed as text (written), adding additional content format types helps delight both the human reader and the search engine.

The Importance Of Blog Content

Blogging is essential for brands, and it is one of the strategies top brands use to achieve their marketing goals and KPIs. These can include:

Brand Awareness

A comprehensive brand awareness strategy includes leveraging the power of blogs. By utilizing blogs, brands have the opportunity to share high-quality content that is valuable and engaging to their target audience.

This attracts a relevant audience and establishes a brand’s expertise in its industry or niche.

Search Discovery

Combining content updates with essential SEO practices (I will share more on this shortly) to your blog can improve the brand’s visibility on search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and greater brand exposure overall.

Content Format Fusion

Blogs are a great way to incorporate content formats that customers crave, such as video and images, customer perspectives, and CTAs that increase exposure, such as social sharing.

Customer Engagement

There is no better way for brands to engage with their audiences and customers via their sites and blogs. A successful blog aims to put yourself in customers’ shoes and answer their questions.

This benefits the customers by providing the necessary information and demonstrates your commitment to understanding and researching your target market.

Leads And Conversions

Consumers who enjoy your content are more likely to seek additional information.

Blogging is crucial in establishing a brand’s strong connection with its target audience.

Engaging with your content on your website indicates that they already appreciate your content and are interested in learning more.

Blogs And Content Formats That Will Work For All Types Of Search Experiences

From written word to visual, social, and user-generated experience injection, leveraging multiple content formats in your blog – and as part of a more holistic approach to your marketing strategy – can help establish a deep connection with your audience and search engines.

content typesImage from BrightEdge, November 2023

Blogs also serve as a platform for customers to leave reviews and feedback, offering valuable insights into areas for improvement and facilitating new ideas for engaging with your audience.

This can spark the creation and coordination of content creation across key formats that work for improved search experiences.

Providing unique and helpful content and using your blog as part of a pillar strategy helps create a more profound relationship between consumers and your brand that can fuel your sales and customer retention ******.

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Blogs And Content Challenges Of The Past Remain Present

Whether you are building a blog post article or creating some visual or social content, it is important to note that the challenges of the past remain and will become increasingly prominent.

  • There are nearly 600 million blogs amidst 1.9 billion websites globally.
  • Every day sees the creation of approximately 7 million blog posts.
  • This aggregates to more than 2.5 billion annually.

To stand out above the noise in such a competitive environment, a blog’s uniqueness and incorporation of crucial SEO elements must strike a balance.

How content resonates with its audience is paramount.

In 2024, we are set to see a further explosion of content on the web, and this will include blogs. This is especially true as more and more enterprises look to match content based on what their audiences want and need.

In addition, large enterprises must give quality content, provide accurate answers, and ensure their brand is associated with quality and informative content.

Simply churning out content for velocity does not work; quality content matching your audience’s needs is the key.

Blog And Content Format Success And Differentiation In SEO

It is becoming evident that brands that follow essential SEO best practices can still win by adhering to evolving search parameters, like HCU and E-E-A-T, and prioritizing human readers!

From my research analysis in August, it was interesting to see that blogs prominently feature among the top 10 SERP results – setting aside homepage listings. (Disclaimer: I am a founder of BrightEdge.)

The Role Of Blog Content And Multiple Search-Friendly Formats In 2024

The latest helpful content update reinforces the importance of putting user experience at the forefront of content creation and balancing (good) key SEO success factors.

Generative AI In Blog And Content Creation: The Role Of The Right Data

With Google’s changing stance on generative AI content, the importance of a data-driven approach in crafting superior blog content, the use of analytics for content inspiration, and the necessity to continually revitalize blogs to maintain their ranking and relevance.

Generative AI is revolutionizing content strategies. That is indisputable.

However, its success hinges on dependable data when using AI for content or blog creation.

Machines might produce content in bulk, but real success on the blog and content battleground is ensuring that the data-driving content is spot-on. Misleading or fragmented data can misguide writers, users, and search algorithms.

Great data, in all its forms – accuracy, interconnectedness, completeness, and trustworthiness – helps create great content.

Breaking down data barriers and ensuring coherence in data is essential for AI advancements. In addition, proper data governance and frequent updates are vital for harnessing the full potential of generative AI.

Mastery in generative content creation is built on having the best audience insights bolstered by consistent and authentic data.

The Future Of Content, AI, And Human Input And Interaction

I envision a future where there is a harmonious collaboration between AI and human intellect.

While AI provides insights and aids in creation, the human touch imparts the brand’s authentic voice with creativity and expertise. Human intervention remains indispensable for evaluation and fine-tuning.

Blending AI’s capabilities with human intuition and creativity is the secret sauce in any blog and content creation recipe.

Furthermore, as brands build omnichannel storytelling strategies, blogs can help as an essential part of your strategy to spread content across digital and all marketing platforms.

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