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New: Google Ads Indicator “Limited By Bid Strategy”

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Google Ads has a new indicator that may show up in your Google Ads advertiser console or dashboard named “limited by bid strategy.” This may show when Google thinks your campaign can get more value using a different bidding strategy.

Anthony Higman spotted this notice and said “Just got this on an enhanced CPC bid campaign. “Limited by bid strategy” No Explanation either.” Here is that screenshot:

Google Ads Indicator Limited By Bid Strategy

Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, said, “This is a relatively new indicator that may appear when the system determines the campaign can get more conv value at a similar ROAS or convs at the target CPA with a value-based bidding strategy. You can review the recommendation, but no action is required.”

In terms of the other part of what Anthony Higman pointed out about manual bidding going away, Ginny responded, “Separately, last month, we notified advertisers using eCPC for Shopping campaigns that those campaigns will begin behaving as if they’re using Manual CPC bidding starting in early October.” I believe we covered that ov er here.

Here are those tweets:

Here is some of the feedback from the PPC community:

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