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Is This Google’s Generative AI In Google Ads Test Showed Internally

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Remember a few weeks ago; I showed a test where Google Ads allowed some advertisers to use AI to generate ad copy for their search ads? Well, the Financial Times reported that Google held an internal presentation showing how Google plans to add generative AI in ads. This will reportedly be used in Performance Max campaigns.

According to an internal presentation to advertisers seen by the Financial Times, Google “intends to begin using the AI to create novel advertisements based on materials produced by human marketers,” they wrote. “Generative AI is unlocking a world of creativity,” the company said in the presentation, titled “AI-powered ads 2023”.

This tool will allow advertisers to supply “creative” content such as imagery, video and text relating to a particular campaign and then the generative AI will “remix” this material to generate ads based on the audience it aims to reach, as well as other goals such as sales targets, FT wrote.

“The new technology will be embedded into Performance Max,” the article explained.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted screenshots of AI being used for creating ad copy in Google Ads. Back then, Google’s Ginny Marvin said, “this is a small test, unrelated to Bard.” Here is that screenshot again:

Google Ai Create Ads

So is this the generative AI test spoken about by this Financial Times report or is there something else coming soon? There is more coverage of this on Techmeme.

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