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Google Fixing Delayed Search Console Indexing, Enhancements & Experience Reports

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Google has confirmed it is working on fixing the delayed Google Search Console reports. Many are delayed a couple of weeks when normally those reports are updated daily or within a few days of the current ****. John Mueller from Google said on X, “Yes, we’re aware and working on it (and sometimes things are just a bit slow). I don’t have an ETA at the moment though.”

Here is a random screenshot of a page indexing report in Search Console showing a report being 8 or so days delayed, but some reports are over two weeks delayed:

Google Search Console Reports Delayed

I see some reports as delayed as September 13th or earlier.

John Mueller added on Mastodon, “It’ll catch up again, sometimes things just get a bit stuck and need nudging to slowly get back on track.”

Here are some tweets/posts that John responded to about this:

Sadly, it is not that uncommon for these Search Console reports to get stuck but Google has always fixed them eventually.

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