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Latest Google Algorithm Update: Page Experience | Search Engine Marketing Consultant & Search Engine Optimization Services

By | October 23, 2021

Latest posts by Daniel P. Borbolla (see all) If you’re concerned about the new page experience Google algorithm update, you can exhale for now since it won’t be rolling out until 2021. On the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, they detail what this update intends to fix, what these changes mean for your website moving forward, and how… Read More »

Top Tips For Crafting the Perfect Customer Experience Strategy For New Clients

By | October 21, 2021

Did you know it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one? As a business owner, one of the things that keep you awake at ***** is your company’s ability to bring in more customers. This is the most effective way to increase sales and grow your business. What are you doing… Read More »

Google Page Experience Update: What You Need To Know

By | October 21, 2021

Google has been working on integrating page experience into its ranking algorithm for a few years now, but in June 2021 this will be fully rolled out across the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The page experience update promises to fuse page experience signals into Google’s core ranking algorithm. To get your website ready for the page experience… Read More »

UI vs UX – Customer Experience – PaceLab

By | October 20, 2021

UI vs UX – DEFINITIONS Where does the humble interface match inside the trendy industry terminology? We believe this is the wrong strategy. What we see is just as important as data architecture and business objectives. Customer experience is a high level category with UX being part of it, whilst UI being a part of the UX process.… Read More »

Help! Google is Updating Page Experience! – Digital Freak

By | October 20, 2021

Help! Google is Updating Page Experience! Google’s page experience update has gotten a lot less coverage than they’re doing away with third-party cookies for targeted behavioural advertising – but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! Here are some things to think about to keep your brand where it should be in Google rankings when this update rolls out,… Read More »

4 Steps To Designing a Strong User Experience – Learnimtactics

By | October 19, 2021

User experience, popularly called UX defines the experience of every visitor to your online properties, including website, application, etc. It is the fundamental and core constituent of every online business. The following fact will help you understand the importance of Ux to every online business. According to a major survey by Amazon web services, a bad user experience… Read More »

How to Prepare Your Website for Google’s Page Experience Update

By | October 19, 2021

Google’s Page Experience update has officially begun rolling out this week. The rollout is due to be completed by the end of August and will include changes to the way in which Google ranks webpages. According to Google, the update won’t “play its full role” until the end of August and is instead being gradually introduced. The update… Read More »

Simple Ways to Improve User Experience « SEOPressor – WordPress SEO Plugin

By | October 18, 2021

What gets under your skin whenever you land on a website? It must be those huge banners that block all content, requesting your email address before you even start reading.  It could also be the obligation to remove your ad blocker before you can proceed to the content. In these and similar instances, you immediately click out of… Read More »

Messy SEO Part 3: How to find cached images and improve user experience

By | October 18, 2021

Messy SEO is a column covering the nitty-gritty, unpolished tasks involved in the auditing, planning, and optimization of websites, using MarTech’s new domain as a case study. Hello marketers, This installment for “Messy SEO” details my process of rectifying the broken link and image issues that arose following the MarTech website consolidation. In Part 2 we discussed fixes… Read More »

3 Must-Have Google Page Experience Features | Search Engine Marketing Consultant & Search Engine Optimization Services

By | October 18, 2021

Latest posts by Daniel P. Borbolla (see all) Page Experience is a new tool from Google that measures whether users are experiencing pages the way you intended. Rather than focusing on content, graphics and links, you concentrate on loading time, site security, and other browsing factors.  Building great content is vital, but if users get frustrated and leave… Read More »