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Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google November Core Update Continued, Search Console Redesign, Crawling Bugs & Google Ads Credits

By | November 26, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving – we had a surprise from Google again, where the second wave of the Google November 2021 core update happened on Wednesday and Thursday – yes, the busiest time for online shopping. Prior, there was a poll that said 50% of SEOs did not notice changes from the core update. Google rolled out a new design… Read More »

Google Search Console Crawl Stats Data Bug Missing Two Days Of Data

By | November 25, 2021

Google has another bug, this time with Google Search Console’s crawl stats report. The report has a gap in the data, missing data on November 19th and November 20th. Google’s John Mueller confirmed the issue and said on Twitter the team is working on a fix. You can try to see your crawl stats report over here and… Read More »

Google Search Console New Design Interface Now Live

By | November 22, 2021

This morning at about 5:30am ET, the Google Search Console team rolled out a new facelift and design for Google Search Console. The new design, according to Google’s Daniel Waisberg is “much cleaner.” Google said the design aims to improve “accessibility and user experience.” Here is what it looks like (click to enlarge): Google wrote about the launch… Read More »

Google Search Console rolls out new design

By | November 22, 2021

Google has rolled out a new look for Google Search Console aimed at improving accessibility and user experience. If you login to your Google Search Console account at google.com/search-console you will see the new design. What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the new design: Why a new design. Google said this design upgrade is aimed… Read More »

Google Search Console User Permissions Bug & Some Performance Report Delays

By | November 19, 2021

Google has confirmed a bug with some users not seeing the users and permissions in Google Search Console. There are also complaints about the performance reports being a bit delayed, which has been ongoing for some time. Performance Report Delay The truth is, it seems for the past couple of weeks, Google Search Console performance report is not… Read More »

Can Site Quality Be Quantified in Search Console?

By | November 13, 2021

Google’s John Mueller was asked about whether search quality is quantifiable, meaning something that could be measured and expressed as a metric. John Mueller’s answer was surprising because he indicated having looked into a search console quality metric to help publishers. What is Site Quality? The idea of site quality seems deceptively simple but it’s not. John Mueller… Read More »

Google Search Console Notice: Google Assistant Changing Your Passwords On Chrome

By | November 4, 2021

Google is emailing through Google Search Console about a new Google Assistant feature that will offer users the ability to automatically change their passwords to login to your website in Google Chrome. The Chrome feature, I think is several months old, but the notice from Google Search Console, I think, is new. J.J. James Patterson sent me a… Read More »

Google Search Console Overcounted Mobile Page Experience Data For Four Months

By | November 3, 2021

For the past four months, Google has been overcounting mobile Page Experience data, the company said. This happened between June 29th and November 1st. Google said that starting on November 1st, you should see the page experience report and performance report show accurate numbers going forward. Yes, for the past 125 days, Google has been showing more data… Read More »

Google Search Console overcounted mobile page experience data since June 29th

By | November 3, 2021

For the last four months, Google has been miscounting the mobile page experience data in the Google Search Console reports. This impacted both the performance report and the page experience report in Google Search Console. The issue persisted from June 29th through November 1st – yes, for over four months. What Google said. Google posted this notice in… Read More »

Google Search Console Tests Contact Form For Domain Verification & User Management Issues

By | November 3, 2021

Google is piloting a new method to reach out to a person for help related to Google Search Console domain verification and user management issues. This is an extension of the reporting tool for indexing issues that Google said worked well. Note, these two new methods are a pilot test, only available to some English users in the… Read More »