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What Is the Google Knowledge Graph & How Does It Work?

By | March 20, 2023

What Is Google’s Knowledge Graph? The Google Knowledge Graph is an enormous database of information. It enables Google to provide immediate and factual answers to search queries about real-world topics. These topics—also known as entities—may be people, organizations, places, events, things, animals, foods, abstract notions, concepts, etc. If you’ve ever googled something and received a useful answer without… Read More »

How Does Mastodon Work And How Do You Get Started?

By | March 20, 2023

One of the latest versions of popular social networks in recent months includes the launch of a newcomer called Mastodon. With some Twitter users’ desire to find another option, Mastadon appeared as an alternative social network. Mastodon is a decentralized, open-source software-based social network that operates on user servers. Unlike Twitter, which is operated by one centralized entity,… Read More »

Can SEO and PPC Work Together? – In Search SEO Podcast

By | March 19, 2023

Don’t forget, you can keep up with the In Search SEO Podcast by subscribing on iTunes or by following the podcast on SoundCloud! The one and only Navah Hopkins joins us to talk about the relationship between SEO and PPC: Plus, everything and more of everything on Featured Snippet de-duplication. As you all know, Google has decided… Read More »

TF-IDF for SEO: What Works & What Doesn’t Work

By | March 18, 2023

February 19, 2020   |   Posted by Shay Harel TF*IDF for SEO… depending on who you talk to it’s either the most over-hyped thing in Search since the last over-hyped thing in Search or it’s a great way to boost your SEO efforts.  What I’d like to do here is take a look at both sides of… Read More »

What is a Digital Marketing Agency and How Do They Work?

By | March 17, 2023

Digital marketing is one of the most important resources any business can leverage. It ensures brands from all industries can connect with their target audience across various channels, from social media to email and search engines. Unfortunately, the digital marketing landscape is a complex and multifaceted space. Excelling in everything from search engine optimization to […] The post… Read More »

6 Link Building Services That Actually Work (+6 More to Avoid)

By | March 15, 2023

Link building is hard work. Landing top-quality links takes a lot of time. Unless you have a dedicated in-house team of link builders, acquiring the links you need can be difficult, especially if you have more than one site you’re working on. So if you’re a busy business owner or an SEO with multiple clients, how do you… Read More »

Not just Next.js! Making XM Cloud work with .NET Core Headless Renderings / Blogs / Perficient

By | March 10, 2023

Next.js is a wonderful framework and paired with its vendor platform (Vercel) it indeed provides exceptional capabilities for building natively headless applications. That unfortunately shadows out another great SDK for headless implementations – .NET Core Renderings, which in my opinion is undervalued. So, I decided to give it some more care by making it work with XM Cloud.… Read More »

20 Online Business Ideas That Actually Work

By | February 27, 2023

Starting an online business is the single best way to create freedom in your life—freedom over your time, your money, your work environment, and more. I’ve started over half a dozen online businesses in my life (three of which were highly successful, and one of which I sold for multiple six figures). What I’ve learned is that there are… Read More »

How SEO and PPC Work Together – Rank Ranger

By | February 23, 2023

August 2, 2022   |   Posted by The In Search SEO Podcast How can you become more effective at SEO by working more closely with PPC? That’s what we’re going to be covering today with a guitar fixer who has been doing SEO since web 1.0 and PPC for over a decade. He’s the founder and president… Read More »

Musk gave engineers one week to make Twitter’s ad targeting work like Google

By | February 22, 2023

Despite announcing an end to layoffs at a meeting held on November 21st, Elon Musk has continued to terminate Twitter employees, even after already forcing out approximately two-thirds of the workforce in just a few weeks. What’s happening. Musk intends to revamp Twitter’s ad targeting system to resemble that of Google’s search ads, which primarily focus on keywords… Read More »