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Microsoft: Bing Chat Growing Faster Than Servers Can Handle

Tired Bing Robot

Microsoft Bing Chat is growing so fast that the team can’t add enough GPUs fast enough to keep up with the growth. This leads to some Bing Chat experiences being slow and a bit laggy. But Microsoft is aware and hopes to be able to improve here.

This came from Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Microsoft Bing Search, who posted on Twitter, “Sorry about the latency,” he then said that “the usage keeps growing, we are not adding GPUs fast enough.” “We’ll get it fixed,” he concluded with.

Here are those tweets:

You’d think a company like Microsoft that not only manages some of the largest web sites on the Internet, but also manages its own cloud hosting solution, would be able to handle it. But these AI solutions take up so much more processing power than a normal web application, that this is above and beyond.

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