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Since the launch of our Landing Page Performance Report in February, many of you have let us know just how important landing page metrics are to you! So we’re now excited to announce that Social Signals and Backlink Landing Page Metrics have been added to our Rank Dashboard

Social Signals

Landing Page Metrics Social Signals
These landing page metrics are calculated and presented in a colorful, easy to read format that you’ll want to share. Simply expand Report Options, select the Social Signals that you want displayed and click the Apply Changes button. 

Rank Dashboard with Landing Page Social Signals

Current options include:  

  • Google +1s
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Facebook Total (The total number of Likes, Shares and Comments not including Clicks)
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Clicks (The number of clicks to view photos, play videos, see more of a post, expand comments, view commenter profile, report spam, etc.)
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • Reddit
  • Delicious

Backlink Metrics

Landing Page Metrics BacklinksContent is king and quality backlinks can provide an important authority factor for search engine rank consideration, while poor quality backlinks can damage page rank. Our new Landing Page Backlink metrics combine the link intelligence of Majestic SEO and Moz to provide you with comprehensive backlink statistics for any page in your campaigns that’s ranking in the top 500 search results.

Domain backlink reports are great when you need a high level site summary, but with our new landing page metrics if your domain is ranked for 50 different landing pages, you can view backlink metrics specific to each of those 50 individual pages in your Rank Dashboard.

Rank Dashboard Landing Page Backlinks Metrics

Current options include:

Majestic SEO

  • External Backlinks – total number of MajesticSEO Backlinks for each specific landing page

  • Referring Domains – total number of referring domains

  • Referring IPs – total number of referring IP addresses

  • Referring Subnets – the number of Class C Subnets

  • Citation flow – Majestic SEO Citation Flow metric is weighted by the number of citations to a specific URL or Domain

  • Trust flow – Majestic SEO Trust Flow metric is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a specific URL or Domain

  • ACRank (A-Citation-Rank) is a very simple measure of how important a particular page is by assigning a number from 0 (lowest) to 15 (highest) depending on the number of unique referring external root domains


  • External Backlinks – the number of all links to the landing page page including internal, external, followed, and nofollowed

  • Equity Links – the number of external equity links to the URL. Equity-passing links are those that search engines generally consider to pass ranking value. These include followed links, 301 redirects, rel=canonical, and URL rewrites that send a 301 response code

  • Referring Domains – the total number of referring domains

  • Page Authority – a prediction of the likelihood of a single page to rank well, regardless of its content

  • MozRank – an aggregate score based on the total equity passed between all links to and from a URL

To view any of these new metrics in your Rank Dashboard report simply
expand Report Options and the Landing Page Metrics section,  move the
slider for the desired metrics from Hide to Show and click the Apply
Changes button.

Weekly Updates and Trending Graphs

These metrics are updated weekly, and historical data is stored so that you’ll be able to view comparative trending in graphs and reports over time.

More Metrics and Another Launch

While we’re on the subject, you’ll also notice that there are new report option sections for Domain Metrics and Keyword Metrics to make it easier to locate the settings you’re seeking.

Keyword Metrics

In the Rank Dashboard, Keyword Metrics include:

Google AdWords

  • Average Monthly Volume – the average number of times people have searched for this exact keyword
  • Average Cost Per Click
  • Pay Per Click Competition – represents a domain’s ranking based on the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword. Mouseover the High/Medium/Low result for actual percentage

KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) – demonstrates keyword effectiveness at driving traffic to your site

Rank Risk Index Algorithm Change
– provides information on Google Algorithm changes as recorded in our updates history based on SERP fluctuations we’ve monitored and researched

Domain Metrics

Domain Metrics

You’ll also find these Domain Metrics in our Rank Dashboard:

Google Page Rank – based on a link analysis algorithm which ranks pages within the Google search engine and determines the importance of the web page, on a scale of 1 to 10. Higher page rank usually means higher placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) within relevant searches


  • Indexed Pages – the total number of pages for a domain that are indexed by Majestic SEO
  • Domain Backlinks – the total number of backlinks for a domain based on Majestic SEO data
  • Citation Flow – a metric that is weighted by the number of citations for a domain or URL
  • Trust Flow – a metric that is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites for a domain or URL


  • Indexed Pages – the total number of pages for a domain that are indexed by Ahrefs
  • Domain Backlinks – the total number of backlinks for a domain based on Ahrefs data

Moz Domain Authority – predicts the domain’s ranking potential in the search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics

Beta Testers declared Rank Ranger’s Rank Dashboard to be the King of Metrics!  What more could you possibly need? Seriously, let us know.

Rank Dashboard

We have another exciting update planned for May, so keep an eye on the Updates section of our blog or follow one of our social media channels for the news. 

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