How to enhance your brand strategy with search data

Measuring search demand helps gauge brand strategy success, spot trends, and boost your share of visibility.

What is a brand marketing strategy?

Brand strategy is all about how your brand is perceived in the marketplace. And what you can do to improve this in order to reach the overall goals and objectives of your business.

A successful brand strategy sets your business apart from competitors and makes sure your brand is memorable within your target markets.

How can you use search data to upgrade your brand strategy?

Search data and performance metrics should be used throughout your brand marketing strategy – from researching and planning to implementation and evaluation. Read on to find out how.

Research your audience

Over 8.5 billion searches happen on Google every single day. And these searches offer a goldmine of intelligence on your target audience which you can use to inform your brand strategy.

Using Pi, you can map and categorise these searches to help identify new areas and opportunities to connect to customers.

Pi Datametrics | Search volume over time

Search volume data helps you understand consumer demand and behaviour. Get a better grip on when your target audience is searching for your products or how they search for them.

These insights are invaluable when it comes to competitor benchmarking, content creation and new product analysis.

Plan for the greatest share of visibility and revenue

Market-specific trend data should be used to plan your brand strategy for the highest returns. Not only can you use share of voice data to determine where the more rewarding opportunities might lie, but utilising revenue data can ensure you get the best ROI too.

For example, our Estimated Revenue Performance chart helps focus on the terms that will drive the highest gains.

Pi Datametrics | Estimated Revenue Opportunity Chart

Analysing this data will give you an understanding of your current performance. It also highlights where the benchmark is for a particular market and the commercial opportunity available.

Implement your plans with precision and flexibility

To do so, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the forever-changing SERPs. A good overview of the search landscape will mean you can better implement your content plans at the right time and with the right content to maximise performance.

Analyse performance on a daily basis to ensure you are optimising your brand marketing strategy across every touchpoint.

Pi Datametrics | SERP Radar

Evaluate performance against meaningful goals

Search data is a vital component of any successful brand strategy. It’s important to promote your search performance across the entire business.

Not only does this showcase the commercial benefits of reaching your customers through search, but it can also help direct other teams.

Many Pi users will utilise our API integration to connect search data and performance to other Business Intelligence tools across the whole business.


Pi Datametrics Dashboard

Key takeaways to transform your brand strategy with search:

  1. Use consumer search data to research and better understand your audience.
  2. Plan your brand strategy around topics and keywords which deliver the highest returns.
  3. Constantly analyse search performance and continually optimise across every touch point.
  4. Don’t forget the importance of showcasing how search has impacted the overall strategy to stakeholders. 

Understand how Pi’s Search Intelligence Platform can help nail your brand strategy with a personalised demo.

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