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Dreamforce 2023 was hyper-focused on generative AI and the ways Salesforce is making it easy to take advantage of the benefits – especially for manufacturers. Oftentimes, the thought of artificial intelligence (AI) is accompanied by fears of the unknown and insecurities around data sharing. Salesforce is helping demystify those notions and build trust with the launch of Einstein 1 – bringing the power of Einstein AI into the fold of the secure CRM platform you already trust, powered by data you already own.  

Here are some of the powerful impacts this can bring to manufacturers: 

Modernize Commercial Operations 

Manufacturers create two times the data of any other industry, so it is imperative that the data comes together seamlessly to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Insights powered by Data Cloud within sales agreements, asset detail, and service bring this to light and enable you to move forward faster and win in your space.  

Below are just a few of the ways Manufacturing Cloud, powered by improved insights from Data Cloud, will help drive this, with the announced launch of Revenue Lifecycle Management for Manufacturing within Manufacturing Cloud: 

  • Manage your full book of business 
  • Plan and align forecasts 
  • Enable product to cash 
  • New visual hierarchies will make it easier to view and manage complex relationships and take action on the page. This allows for all the necessary information to be in the hands of your employees and executives to enable quicker reaction time, increase efficiencies in processing, and increase productivity for sales. 

Transform Service Experience 

Customers want to be served where they are, and manufacturers want to create customers for life. New innovations launched at Dreamforce help enable both of these goals.  

  • Connected Service for Manufacturing will help deliver all asset and service data to the fingertips of call center and field service agents, enabling them to provide the most comprehensive service and data-driven analysis for solving customer issues. 
  • Digital representation of assets includes but is not limited to, location, images, condition, service events, alarms, and is all based on asset data 
  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Event orchestration to drive actions based on asset event data in a declarative, not code, implementation to allow flexibility and ease of implementation and change 
  • Einstein predictions to provide warranty claim approval probability scoring for automation and/or efficiency of claims adjudication 
  • Analytics for trends in service and warranty 
  • Filtering by urgency, ie. aging, size 
  • Claims by state, stage, etc. 
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of your business and to help you make data-driven decisions 

Together, Data + AI + CRM enables you to grow your business and deliver world-class experiences for your customers by simplifying processes, putting informative data in the hands of your employees, and enabling the use of that data to intuitively help you make decisions. Let us help you move your business forward using your data to modernize your commercial operations and transform the service experience for your customers.  

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