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YouTube warns creators not to delete videos

YouTube advised creators and marketers against deleting videos from the platform. Additionally, the app strongly suggested avoiding making videos private.

The Google-owned site explained that removing content from the app or restricting access could disrupt your channel’s connection to people who have watched that video and negatively impact ranking.

What YouTube is saying. YouTube Product Lead Todd Beaupre said on X:

  • “YouTubers: Don’t delete videos unless you have a very, very good reason. When you delete a video, you delete your channel’s connection to the audience that watched that video.”
  • “If you want to maximize your growth, keep your videos public or unlist then if you must.”

What this means. In simpler terms, YouTube’s algorithm recommends videos within its search results by connecting the dots between each upload. When you take away one of those dots (aka video on your channel), it is a bit like taking away a jigsaw piece. This means deleting or hiding content could lower your overall channel ranking and limit reach because it disrupts the pattern of your content.

Why we care. It might be tempting to delete or hide content you’re not happy with, however, unless the video is really bad or harmful, it’s best to keep it on your channel. Otherwise, you could end up hurting your channel’s overall ranking.

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