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Yahoo Mail announced that it is upgrading “how you view and reach out to friends”.

There are 3 upgrades that have been brought in:

  1. Yahoo will now automatically suggest extra people to add into an email based on who you are already sending it to. This feature, while very useful, is already available on Gmail, but we’re glad Yahoo is catching up.
  2. You will now have all email addresses at your fingertips. Usually you can only see addresses being auto-suggested that you have previously sent an email to, but now Yahoo will auto-suggest any email address you’ve ever used or ever seen in your inbox. You can also just type a person’s name, email, initials or even their company or school to find them!
  3. This last update is by far the best, you will now see the full name and photo of the people you are emailing often. The information will be taken from Yahoo profiles and Facebook (if your Yahoo profile is connected to your Facebook). This will help ensure you don’t get confused if two of your friends have similar names.

While most people would vote for Gmail being the best email service, Yahoo is continuously improving and hopefully will continue to be a serious contender. 

More on these updates in the Yahoo! Mail blog.

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