What’s New In PPC: April 2023 PPC Updates

Welcome back, this month at Anicca I’m bringing you the latest PPC updates from April 2023. I am here to keep you up-to-**** and ahead of the curve in all things Google Ads.

PPC Updates – Google Ads

  • Google is retiring 4 attribution ******
  • Custom columns released for manager accounts
  • Asset group reporting in Google Ads

Google is retiring 4 attribution ****** in Google Ads and Google Analytics (May, 2023)

In May 2023 Google have announced they will be retiring 4 previously available attribution ******. This update will apply in both Google Ads and Google Analytics. Attribution ****** allow you to view your data in different ways. They adjust the way conversion credit is shared across different points in the conversion path.

Attribution ****** april 2023 update

Advertisers will now be able to select data driven or last click attribution ******. Data driven attribution is the most comprehensive and this is the default. It factors in all points in the path to a conversion and assigns conversion credit based on their role. This allows you to understand the role each channel, campaign and keyword plays to get a user to that conversion.

Last click attribution is still available, however, it is recommended if you are using this model to move away from it to data driven. With last click all conversion credit is assigned to the channel, campaign or keyword which were the last interaction before the conversion took place. This means that all other points in the path to conversion can be overlooked and sometimes incorrectly discounted as ‘poor performing’.

This accompanies Googles move to GA4  which for standard accounts will be complete in July 2023.  If you haven’t yet migrated to GA4 then time is running out to do so before Universal Analytics stops collecting data at the end of June. It is important to ensure you have a plan in place to do so. The earlier you do this the better position you will be in. If you need any support on this Ed our head of Analytics is around to help.

If you are using any of the other attribution ****** (first click, linear, time decay or position based) these will be auto migrated to data driven, but ensure you are aware so can anticipate any changes in your performance data.

Custom columns released for manager accounts (April, 2023)

Custom columns have been available in Google for a few years, however, previously these were created at an individual account level. This new release allows you to create these custom columns at the manager (MCC) account level. This is particularly useful if you manage multiple accounts. It means that you can create the column just once now and share it across all of your accounts.

custom columns at mcc level

Custom columns are useful in creating additional metrics that aren’t available within the standard columns. This includes columns for things like;

  • Calculating your break even CPCs to understand if you are over bidding based on your targets
  • Calculating cost per conversions for specific conversion actions (if you have multiple)
  • Creating rules to return specific text based on criteria e.g. True or false if the campaign is on target

Some columns will still be better created at individual account level as they will be connected to specific elements of that account such as targets.

Asset group reporting in the Google Ads interface (April, 2023)

One of my favourite PPC updates from this month. Google released a long awaited reporting feature for their performance max campaigns. Welcome asset group reporting. Until now there was no summary reporting for asset groups directly within the campaigns in Google Ads. This made it hard to assess overall performance per asset group outside of the delivery on the shopping network.

Now, however, with the release of the asset group reporting in table format you can see performance metrics for each asset group. These performance metrics appear alongside standard columns detailing assets provided and audience signals.

You may have been getting around the lack of reporting through the use of scripts, but its great news for those that had no visibility.

To access the report you just need to go into your performance max campaigns, go to asset groups and then toggle the view from summary to table.

Asset groups reporting update

In summary

That brings us to an end of this month PPC updates. Stay tuned for updates across search and social and keep an eye out across our social channel for new PPC updates throughout the month.

If you want to discuss your PPC activity then you can book a free 30 minute consultation with our Holly, our Head of Paid Media. Whether to analyse your existing activity or look at what new opportunities there could be for you. You can book a meeting with Holly through her calendar here.

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