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Google is constantly upgrading and amending their algorithm, often affecting ranks and SEO efforts. At Rank Ranger, we want to be sure that you are always aware of these changes in order to tweak your efforts accordingly. Unfortunately, Google often doesn’t let us in on these changes, but luckily we have our Rank Risk Index telling us what is happening in the Google Algorithm world. 

To make it easier for you, we include these updates in your reports. This can often explain a large drop or rise in your keyword rankings and highlighting the changes makes it easier to understand.

What is Undisclosed Activity?

Google announced that they would no longer provide notification of individual algorithm updates because they planned to roll out changes on a regular basis. We notice there are some days when there’s more algorithm activity than usual and when that happens we record Undisclosed Activity and display it in your Rank Tracker Dashboard.

You will see algorithm activity in your Rank Tracker Dashboard

As well as in your Daily Snapshot

Algorithm updates are also seen in various graphs in the Rank Ranger platform.

You can always take a look at all the updates in our Google Algorithm Updates History to be sure that your are not missing any updates. You’ll also find links to more information and resources regarding the algorithm change.

Anything happening now? Take a look at our Rank Risk Index.

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