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Is Thinkific Really Free?

By | November 27, 2021

Is Thinkific really free? The answer is yes. The lowest tier of Thinkific’s pricing is a free plan that gives you Thinkific’s core features and the ability to host three online courses: With Thinkific’s free plan, there are no charges per transaction (i.e. per course sale) and you also get to use Thinkific’s built-in quiz tool. This lets… Read More »

Does Thinkific Own Your Content?

By | November 27, 2021

Here’s a question people often ask: “does Thinkific own your content?” The short answer is no. When you publish a course on Thinkific, they do not own your content. And Thinkific does not have (or claim) any intellectual property rights over your course materials. Anything you create and publish on their platform is 100% your property. Thinkific is… Read More »

Is Thinkific a Learning Management System (LMS)?

By | November 27, 2021

People sometimes ask: “is Thinkific a learning management system?” The answer is yes, but there are various types of learning management systems, so I’m going to have to be a bit more specific in my answer. A Learning Management System (LMS) is any online tool that helps teachers, trainers and instructors create and distribute their online training.  A… Read More »

Teachable vs Thinkific: a Side-By-Side Comparison (2021)

By | November 23, 2021

If you create courses, or are thinking of doing so, sooner or later you will come across Teachable and Thinkific. They are the two big players in online course platforms.  Teachable and Thinkific offer a very similar set of features at a very similar price point. And that makes choosing between them quite difficult.  Hopefully, this Teachable vs… Read More »