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Google Updates Featured Snippets & Its Ad Policies: SERP News

By | October 26, 2021

July 1, 2020   |   Posted by Mordy Oberstein This was one of my favorite months on the Google SERP. Not because the changes Google made “broke the way of the SEO industry.” Rather, it’s because the changes Google made may seem slight or even negligible. But that would underestimate the search engine. Sometimes, the most innocuous… Read More »

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets (Part 1)

By | October 25, 2021

July 29, 2020   |   Posted by Darrell Mordecai SEO is a long term game. No question about that. Although there generally are no shortcuts, Google has given us a unique opportunity. Featured Snippets. Not a magic bullet, Featured Snippets tend to attract more attention than regular organic rankings. This means they have potentially higher click through… Read More »

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets (Part 2)

By | October 24, 2021

August 19, 2020   |   Posted by Darrell Mordecai Back in 2019, I was trying to please a difficult client. I’m sure you know what that’s like. At some point, he threatened to fire us. He wanted better rankings. By next week. Let’s just say he wasn’t the most reasonable person to deal with. Nothing we said… Read More »

How to Use Google Rich Snippets to Maximize eCommerce Revenue

By | October 22, 2021

Do online shops have it worse or better off than brick-and-mortar retailers when it comes to securing new customers? In today’s digital economy, eCommerce shops come out on top. Because while the density of web-based product information continues to multiply, so do the tools geared at helping shoppers sort through it all.  We’re talking about rich snippets. They’re… Read More »

How to Optimize Your Content for Google Featured Snippets | Search Engine Marketing Consultant & Search Engine Optimization Services

By | October 21, 2021

Latest posts by Daniel P. Borbolla (see all) In the past, getting to the top of the Google search results was the main objective for ambitious digital gurus, but once again Google has moved the goalposts. Position zero, or Google featured snippets, are the information blocks Google places at the very top of their search results, making it… Read More »

Do Rich Snippets Help SEO?

By | October 18, 2021

Sep 22, 2021 | 34 min read There’s been a lot of talk about rich results or rich snippets recently, and it’s no surprise. They have changed the look and feel of Google’s SERPs beyond recognition. Thanks to rich results, today’s SERPs look more informative and appealing to users. At the same time, these innovations give marketers a… Read More »

New: Google Review Snippets Author Name Must Be Less Than 100 Characters

By | October 18, 2021

Google has updated its review snippet structured data guidelines to say the author name of the reviewer must be less than a 100 characters. If it is longer than 100 characters your page won’t be eligible for an author-based review snippet, Google said. You can find the update to the docs over here where Google wrote under the… Read More »

15 Featured Snippets Tips (to Rank in Position ‘Zero’)

By | October 16, 2021

Featured Snippets are HUGE right now. According to the latest data from Perficient, the number of featured snippets displayed within Google search results is more than doubling year-over-year. That growth is unlikely to slow down. What’s more, the number of zero-click searches (queries answered by a featured snippet or other search feature) has surpassed 50% of all searches… Read More »

Should SEOs Regret Focusing on Featured Snippets? | Local SEO Guide

By | October 14, 2021

Remember when Google finagled with their system to make it so that you couldn’t double dip on Featured Snippets/Instant Answers (Get a Featured Snippet and rank on page 1 in 10 blue links). Well, there are a lot of people who have been skeptical about the value of this particular search feature in this new world. Were they… Read More »

Rich Snippets, including review, how-to, and faq, can be impacted by Google’s broad core updates (and other major algorithm updates)

By | October 14, 2021

If you’ve seen a drop (or gain) of rich snippets during a broad core update, then overall site quality could be the reason. In this post, I’ll cover how this can happen, why Google’s evaluation of site quality matters, and I’ll provide examples of rich snippets volatility across sites (including review, how-to, and FAQ snippets). With the June… Read More »