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5 Black Hat Digital Marketing Techniques You Should Stay Away From

By | January 3, 2022

If you’ve been involved in digital marketing, you know the struggle. Over the past decade or so, Google has constantly shifted its priorities for ranking website content and the techniques it uses to evaluate it for public consumption. First, it was keyword optimization. Then, they shifted toward favoring long-tail key phrases. Where once they focused on content relevance,… Read More »

Bing Search Santa Hat Video Play Button Easter Egg

By | December 28, 2021

If you go to Microsoft Bing and conduct a search that triggers a video preview box to show up, there may be a little holiday easter egg for you. A Santa hat on the play button of the video that wiggles when you hover your mouse cursor over the video. Here is a GIF of it in action:… Read More »

A Complete White Hat SEO Guide: Google-Approved SEO That Works! — Serpstat Blog

By | December 2, 2021

A Complete White Hat SEO Guide: Google-Approved SEO That Works! Source link

Black Hat SEO Explained – Truths & Myths: In Search SEO Podcast

By | November 6, 2021

June 18, 2019   |   Posted by The In Search SEO Podcast Don’t forget, you can keep up with the In Search SEO Podcast by subscribing on iTunes or by following the podcast on SoundCloud!  The In Search SEO Podcast Community Question of the Week! When sites take on black hat SEO tactics how do you stay… Read More »

Poll: SEOs Split On Doing Black Hat SEO

By | October 28, 2021

Marie Haynes ran a poll that asked SEOs “do you do any SEO you’d consider Blackhat?” The results were pretty 50/50, about half said they do not do any black hat SEO and 28% said they do, and 23% said they do “maybe a little” black hat SEO. The poll was on Twitter and only received 213 responses,… Read More »

White Hat Link Building – SEO Podcast

By | October 23, 2021

September 8, 2020   |   Posted by The In Search SEO Podcast You can keep up with the In Search SEO Podcast by subscribing on iTunes or by following the podcast on SoundCloud! White Hat Link Building Strategies: Summary of Episode 86   Hayk Saakian joins the podcast to share novel ways to build links, offer… Read More »

Google: Sometimes Black Hat SEO Works & You Don’t Get Caught But…

By | October 22, 2021

Google’s John Mueller admitted on Twitter that sometimes black hat SEO and risky practices work and you don’t always get caught. But he added that sometimes you can get caught and “not getting caught doesn’t mean it works.” But he added building a business on these practices “seems like a terrible idea.” Even worse, is to use these… Read More »

SEOcycle & White Hat SEO – What is It? – SEO Cycle

By | October 19, 2021

Here at SEOcycle, we are committed to providing an unrivalled White Hat SEO service to our clients. With a focus on small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and sole traders, we deliver economical, affordable SEO and associated services (web development and design, website content writing and blogging, and social media management for SEO). Unlike a lot of other SEO agencies,… Read More »

6 Risky Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2021 (And Their White Hat Alternatives)

By | October 10, 2021

SEO is a fierce zero-sum game war. That’s why some business owners resort to black-hat tactics to topple competitors from the top of the SERPs. While there are some black-hat SEO tactics you clearly shouldn’t use, like ******* (because it’s *******), others seem less risky. But even the ones that look like they might be worth it are frankly never… Read More »