Making Industry Landing Pages Engaging for B2B Companies – Whiteboard Friday

So the thing you want to challenge yourself with is how do you understand your customer? How do you identify and understand their pain points and their expectations? What are their expected outcomes that they’re gonna get from this? So researching those needs and expectations and having this realization that you are, you’re speaking to humans about a lot of these types of products and equipment, there’s a lot of human capital involved and research that goes into it.

So we’re not speaking into a database per se, we’re using the language and the cultural terms that these different individuals are using. So if you take for instance, terms such as Industry 4.0 or industrial IoT, you know, industry 4.0 is just a fancy term that manufacturers and the auto industry coined for digital transformation. That’s really what it means. Industrial IoT is the same thing as IoT or the internet of things in a consumer world. It’s the connectivity of equipment and people to our devices and data feedback loops and things of that nature. So there really isn’t a whole lot unique happening there. But what happens is is CMOs enter the room and we say, Hey, we need to sell more widgets to the aerospace industry. So we prop pages up in aerospace and automotive and healthcare, but rarely do those that we make relevant does it meet the reality of what the searcher intent is or what they’re actually seeking.

So again, I guess just in closing, I would remind you to really identify the pain points initially, research the needs and expectations. So get in the room with the subject matter experts, but take it a step further. And if you can, get with the sales team, go on consults, go to the manufacturing facilities and really do some active listening and some critical thought processes to help actually identify what those unique pain points are.

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