How to Use AI in SEO – Ideas for ChatGP, Bard and More!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly evolved, carving an indispensable place within digital marketing. In particular, the SEO landscape stands at the cusp of a revolution, thanks to AI’s potential to elevate performance and drive results. Artificial Intelligence traces its roots back to the mid-20th century, though its influence on SEO and digital marketing has surged recently. With AI, digital marketers can anticipate enhanced SEO strategies, improved content creation, and incisive analysis of text data, ultimately leading to a game-changing impact on the digital marketing landscape.

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Harnessing AI for SEO Strategies

AI’s potential to revamp SEO strategies lies in the following key areas:

  • Comprehensive research, bolstered by fact-checking capabilities
  • Generation of innovative content ideas
  • Streamlined content creation
  • Facilitated coding processes
  • Advanced text data analysis

Mastering the Art of AI-Powered SEO: ChatGPT & Bard Prompts

As a step towards harnessing the full power of AI in SEO, mastering the art of crafting effective ChatGPT and Bard Prompts is crucial. One can download the SEO Prompt Guide from V9digital for a detailed guide.

Here are some key elements to remember:

  • Clear context and role definition
  • Setting a clear topic
  • Crafting effective questions
  • Curating strategic follow-up
  • Utilizing examples for better clarity
  • Offering constructive feedback

Empowering SEO Tactics with ChatGPT & Bard

AI, particularly ChatGPT & Bard, can be used to enhance a plethora of SEO tactics. These include:

SEO Strategy:

  • Structuring efficient SEO strategies
  • Adopting and innovating best practices
  • Defining specific goals, KPIs, and personas


  • Conducting comprehensive keyword research
  • Competitive keyword research
  • Semantic keyword optimization


  • Optimization recommendations
  • Keyword insertion
  • Content expansion
  • Schema generation
  • Metadata creation

Content Development:

  • Identifying content gaps
  • Creating relevant content topics
  • Crafting compelling titles
  • Developing content outlines
  • Conducting content research
  • Writing and rewriting copy

Local SEO:

  • Optimizing Google profiles and local SEO pages
  • Posting business updates
  • Identifying potential directories for listing

Link Earning:

  • Creating link-earning ideas
  • Identifying relevant sites for links
  • Crafting outreach emails
  • Generating ideas for newsworthy content

SEO Reporting:

  • Crafting report best practices
  • GA4 event setup
  • UTM creation
  • Tool recommendations

Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI

While AI is transforming SEO, it is essential to understand its legal and ethical implications, ranging from accountability and liability issues to intellectual property rights and privacy concerns. Ethically, AI presents challenges related to bias and discrimination, job displacement, misinformation, and questions of transparency.

Future of SEO: The Intersection of AI and Brand Building

As SERPS evolves to include chatbots, SEOs must consider the potential of losing unbranded SEO and paid search traffic. Therefore, building a solid brand and gathering first-party data, like email list signups, becomes paramount. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to uplevel personal skills to keep pace with AI advancements.

Exploring More About SEO AI

Several resources can offer insightful content for those interested in diving deeper into the realm of SEO AI. Some recommended platforms include, Search Engine Journal, AI Magazine, AI Trends, and Follow hashtags #ai and #chatgpt on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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