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Google Drops Phone Numbers For Hotel Panels & Hotel Packs

Google Drops Phone Numbers For Hotel Panels & Hotel Packs

Google has removed the phone number for the hotel panel and hotel panels in the search results. To be clear, the normal local listings, like pizza shops and so forth, do have the phone numbers but not the hotel listings for some reason.

This seems to have started yesterday, Tuesday, March 19th. Lluc B. Penycate spotted it and notified me of this change on X. He wrote, “Google Business Profiles for hotels not showing telephone number (EU). Call button is still showing. Is it a bug?” I did as the Google Search Liaison, but I did not hear back.

Here is what it looks like on mobile but on desktop it is missing to. You can click the “call” button but the phone number is missing unless you click deep into the listing and then into the about tab:

Google Hotel Panel Phone Number Missing

Here is what it looked like before (here is a more recent screenshot also):

Google Hotel Result See Other Locations 1542114874

That phone number has been removed from the hotel listing panel and the hotel pack listing view.

Here are more screenshots:

This is missing globally for now…

Forum discussion at X.

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