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Bing Chat Rolls Out Some Features It Announced Earlier This Month

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Earlier this month, I covered a “big” press event Microsoft held announcing some new features and removing the waitlist for Bing Chat. Yesterday afternoon, Bing announced that these features are now rolling out, some are live, and some will be live within a week or two.

I covered it already a couple of weeks ago but here is a short list of what is now going live in Bing Chat, this is in addition to the new visual improvements, knowledge cards and more we covered earlier this week.

  • Chat history: It is rolling out this week across desktop and mobile.
  • Mobile: Bing introduced new features coming soon to the Bing app, SwiftKey app, Edge app, and Skype app.
  • Bing app updates: Add a Bing widget to your home screen, continue mobile convo on desktop, voice and multilingual chat improvements.
  • SwiftKey app updates: Compose messages with AI, access translator right from the keyboard, new tones.
  • Edge app updates: Contextual chat, selected text actions.
  • Skype app updates: Access the new Bing in all group chats.

Here is the mobile Bing widget for iOS:

Mobile Bing Widget

Here is the mobile Edge contextual chat feature:

Mobile Edge Contextual Chat

Here is the mobile Edge selected text feature:

Mobile Edge Selected Tex

There are more details over here if you want to dig in more.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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