Beyond the Search Bar: Crafting an Impactful SEO Team Structure and Defining its Place in Your Organization

****: Apr 23, 2024 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Zack Kadish,
Senior SEO Strategy Director, ConductorRyan Maloney,
Team Lead, Customer Success, Conductor

Ever wondered how to structure an SEO team for unparalleled success? Join Zack Kadish, Conductor’s Sr. SEO Strategy Director, and Ryan Maloney, Conductor’s Customer Success Team Lead, for an exclusive webinar where they’ll guide you through the proven strategies to build a dynamic and scalable SEO program.

Key takeaways:

  • Unlock Reliable SEO Success: Discover how a well-structured team can overcome and outperform unpredictable algorithm updates
  • SEO Team Structure Mastery: Dive into the art of determining the ideal SEO team structure (and where SEO should sit) that aligns with your business goals and ensures optimal collaboration between departments

Plus, learn the pros and cons of hierarchical, pod, brand/product/vertical, and adaptive triad SEO team structures.

  • Benefits of Phased Approach: Uncover the secrets of starting small and gradually building your dream SEO team

Get ready for an engaging discussion on where your SEO team should sit within your organization, which team structure works best to achieve your business objectives, and vital collaborations with key departments to prioritize for sustained success.

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