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Google Has Moved Away From 200 Ranking Signals Number

By | September 27, 2021

In a Google SEO Office Hours Hangout, Google’s John Mueller revealed that Google has “moved away from the 200 ranking signals number.” He said that having a number like that is misleading.

Mueller said it’s not the case that the ranking signals can be sorted and ranked as a list on a spreadsheet.

Google Ranking Signals

In the distant past various HTML elements were used by Google’s algorithms for identifying what a web page is about. HTML elements like the page title, headings and font sizes were given extra importance, as well as the location of keywords on a web page (top of the page more important) and links and the anchor text associated with those links.


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These were collectively known as ranking factors.

A web page literally needed to have all of these ranking factors filled out with keywords in order to rank properly.

Many of those ranking factors were described in Google’s first Stanford University research paper from 1998, The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.

It’s been over twenty years and while many still cling to the idea of ranking factors, Google itself has evolved beyond ranking factors and incorporates things like Natural Language Processing, BERT, Neural Matching and AI spam fighting, and many other algorithms.

Not only that but by 2005 Google was already incorporating statistical analysis to identify normal sites and sites that were outliers and tended to be spam.


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Statistical analysis is not a ranking factor in the traditional sense but it played a role in ranking.

A case can arguably be made that the paradigm of 200+ ranking factors was breaking down as early as 2005.

While in the past the idea of scoring points against a list of ranking factors made sense, in 2021 the idea of a list of ranking factors to focus on for better rankings has somewhat lost relevance because of how search rankings are calculated in modern search engines today.

Which Ranking Factors are Most Important?

Someone from the search community asked John Mueller which of the ranking factors was most important.

Ordinarily Googlers have in the past mentioned that the content is the most important ranking factor. But not today.

The person asked which ranking factors are most important:

“Among all of the 200 ranking signals, which are the most important?”

Mueller answered:

“I don’t like to rank ranking signals. So I can’t give you an answer there.

And… the other small thing there is we’ve kind of moved away from the over 200 ranking signals number, because it feels like even having a number like that is kind of misleading in the sense that, Oh Google has a spreadsheet with all of the ranking signals and they can just sort them by importance and tell me which ones they are.

And that’s definitely not the case.

Like… a lot of these things just take into account so many different things, you can’t just isolate them out.”


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No More Top Ranking Factors?

Mueller said that it’s not the case that ranking signals could be listed and sorted by importance and that the factors cannot be isolated out.

Mueller didn’t elaborate beyond that. But it’s easy to understand how complicated Google’s search engine is today.

For example, the MUM algorithm can take images as an input (no keywords!) and provide an answer sorted from web pages around the world, regardless of language.

How would a general ranking factor like links or keywords in title even work in a scenario like that?

John Mueller has given the search community a deep insight into ranking factors by stating that the signals cannot be listed and sorted by importance because the search community believes that ranking factors can be sorted and ranked.


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Google’s Moved Away from 200 Ranking Signals Number

Watch John Mueller answer the question at the 49:47 minute mark:

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Programming Note: Offline For Simchat Torah

By | September 27, 2021

I will be offline completely for the holiday of Simchas Torah on September 28th and September 29th, Tuesday and Wednesday. Any stories published here will be scheduled and written beforehand and not posted live. This is the last set of days I am completely offline for a while, so thanks for dealing with me this past month.

I will be completely offline, so any social media posts, tweets, anything coming from this site or my social channels are all scheduled beforehand.

I won’t be able to reply to comments, remove spam or break any stories on those days. I will catch up when I get back online.

Feel free to check out the archives or catch up with the weekly videos, check out the new search vlogs or just browse the search pics. Oh, and if you have nothing to do, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

For more on this holiday, check out Wikipedia.

For all those celebrating the holiday – have a good one and I’ll be back on Thursday.

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Global Commercial Infused Olive Oil Market Growth 2021-2026

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Should robots.txt support a feature for no indexation? Take the survey

By | September 27, 2021

I saw a discussion on Twitter this morning about the idea of having a feature in LinkedIn that would block both crawling AND indexing. It started with this tweet by Christian Thurston (@ct_oz):

“Hi John [Mueller], has Google considered making it so that the robots.txt file doesn’t just block crawling, but also blocks indexation? To quote @willcritchlow: “I can’t see many situations where I want to block crawling but don’t want to block indexing”.

“That would be a significant change in expectations (and yes, we do think about these things regardless). Do you have some examples where this would cause a visible improvement in search?” Mueller responded. “I’d like to avoid adding more directives. I’m still not aware of common issues caused by this documented functionality … SEOs worry about indexing, but usually these URLs only rank for site:-queries (or if there isn’t other, better content on the site), so it feels artificial?”

With over 20 years of experience in SEO, “I have never encountered a situation where a publisher wanted to have a page indexed that they block for crawling in robots.txt. Not even once have I seen that,” I tweeted in response. “It’s common practice for me to educate people that they have a choice: (1) block crawling, or: (2) prevent indexation, when what they want to do is both. Note: definitely more of an issue for larger sites where crawl budget is an issue.”

Will Critchlow of Search Pilot agreed, “100% agree. I can see the conservatism of not changing a long-standing standard, but I have never seen, and can’t think of a situation where you’d want to block crawling but allow indexation.”

But what do YOU think? Would it be helpful to have a feature in Robots.txt that allowed you to specify that pages you don’t want to have indexed? Take our quick three-question poll below and let us know what you think.

Please keep in mind that if you vote yes for doing this that you would need to accept ALL the risk that at some point your dev team might misapply the capability and NoIndex pages that you don’t want them to.

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