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What’s *** at the moment? What was popular in search in Bristol, UK, during the summer 2013? Are there any differences between search trends during the summer and the winter months?  Google Trends can be a fun and useful tool for determining what’s *** and trending in the SERPs now, and also for reviewing what was trending at other points in search history. They also recently updated their Trends report to include YouTube and news data, making it even more timely. A Trends visitor can view interest over time, regional interest and even related searches, but what if you need to work with that data for all the keywords in your SEO and marketing campaigns?

10 Years of Keyword Trends Research

Our new Keyword Trends Research report reveals historical search trends from 2005 onward for all the keywords in your campaigns tracking on Google search engines.

Keyword Trends Graph

Keyword Trends Research Graph

Keyword Trends Research Detailed Monthly Comparison

A colorful heat map serves as a convenient visual aid to detecting patterns in the SERPs. 

Google Trend Report

There are many reasons why I’m a big fan of Google Trends, and have been using it for years.  In addition to it being entertaining at times, from a marketing and SEO perspective it is very important to make sure that you’re optimizing your content for your customers, and their behavior. One of the many features that Google Trends provides is the ability to discover how trendy a specific keyword is in a specific country. For example, how trendy a query like “weight loss” is in the USA.  In the above report we can easily analyze seasonal trends and determine which keywords we should focus on when optimizing content during different times of the year   And no better example than “Weight Loss”, right after New Year’s resolutions are pledged, right?  No need for further explanation. January through July everyone’s looking for ways to lose weight, when the summer arrives the trend eases off a bit, and then we see the trend decline from September through December when people are feasting during the many events and holidays.

If you would come to me and ask for the perfect tools to optimize your content and ensure your keywords are targeted correctly, for the right audience and at the right time, I would without any doubts suggest that you to keep on working with this new research report, and in addition to that, use our Keyword Research Tool, On-Page Keyword Optimization tools and take a peek at related search phrases in the SERP Snapshot of the Rank Tracker Dashboard (or pull the Google Related Search data with our API)  to ensure you have all important keywords included in your campaigns.

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