The Essential Guide to Making Your Marketing Recession-Proof

You don’t have to be an economic expert to feel apprehensive about market forces. Perhaps you’re feeling the impact of inflation, the cost of groceries, or even the layoffs in the news. 

In times like these, it’s possible your own marketing team is suffering from workforce reductions, budget cuts, and other cost-cutting measures. 

Instead of panicking, giving up, or doing the same ol’, same ol’, let’s learn how your team can weather economic storms, and come out of a recession better than ever—by putting on our personal finance hats.

In this guide, learn how to make your marketing recession-proof with: 

  • Iterable’s five-step game plan
  • Immediate actions you can put in place today 
  • Longer-term goals to optimize your CX tech stack 
  • Examples of success stories from other leading brands 

While times may be tough, by learning how to take your customer communications to the next level, you can achieve dramatic business growth and fortify your brand for years and years to come.

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Iterable empowers growth marketers to create world-class user engagement campaigns throughout the full lifecycle, and across all channels. Segment users, build workflows, automate touchpoints, and test strategies at scale without engineering support.

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