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Google’s John Mueller on the importance of Core Web Vitals | Improve My Search Ranking

By | October 21, 2021

We know that Core Web Vitals (CWV) would play a big role as a search engine ranking factor, but by how much?  And is it really that big of a deal that some SEOs — and, especially, Google — have been making it? Google’s John Mueller recently confirmed the importance of Core Web Vitals and termed it as… Read More »

Core Web Vitals – What you need to know – Marie Haynes

By | October 20, 2021

In ep.134 of our newsletter we reported that Google has made changes to the speed report in Google Search Console. The change means that the speed report is now called the “Core Web Vitals” report, and draws data from the new Web Vitals engine released by Google on May 5th, 2020.  The GSC report looks similar to the… Read More »

Google’s Mobile-First Deadline and Core Web Vitals Update

By | October 18, 2021

My approach towards algorithm updates It sounds quite simple, but I have always found that when planning for, dissecting, and recovering from Google’s algorithm updates, it’s good to think like a user and ask yourself “what type of user experience would I expect in this situation?”. Whether it’s browsing the search results or a webpage. Google needs to… Read More »

Core Web Vitals as a Google Ranking Factor: What You Need to Know

By | October 18, 2021

Core Web Vitals measure page experience signals to ensure an engaging user experience for search users. But can Core Web Vitals affect your organic search rankings? Read on to learn whether there is any connection between Core Web Vitals and improved Google rankings. The Claim: Core Web Vitals Are a Ranking Factor What are Core Web Vitals? According… Read More »

Google’s Core Web Vitals Update and What You Should Be Doing Now

By | October 17, 2021

Google rolled out its updated Page Experience signal in mid-June. While this Page Experience Update includes several components (secure sites, safe-to-browse sites, non-intrusive interstitials, and core web vitals), the core components of this update are easily misunderstood. Here are four things you should know about Google’s Page Experience Update and what you can do to set your site… Read More »

What is Google Core Web Vitals (and How to Optimize for It)

By | October 17, 2021

June 9, 2021   |   Posted by Darrell Mordecai Core Web Vitals. Just the sound of it strikes fear into the hearts of SEOs. This is most likely because it’s probably the most hyped Google algorithm update so far. The question is, should you be worried about it? How do you know if your site is ready… Read More »

Core Web Vitals: How The New Ranking Signals Impact SEO

By | October 16, 2021

Google has always been user-centric. From eliminating keyword stuffing to making page load time a ranking factor, to mobile-first ranking, they’ve constantly pushed for a better user experience. Core Web Vitals are yet another push in that direction. Read on to learn what Core Web Vitals are, why they matter, and how you can improve the associated scores… Read More »

What are Core Web Vitals and Why Should You Care? – Vizion Interactive

By | October 14, 2021

Recently, Google introduced three new measurements that they’ll be using to gauge how your website stacks up against your competitors, they’re named Core Web Vitals. If your website has low scores, then most likely there are issues with your website that you need to address. Fixing them will not only help your search engine rankings, but will help… Read More »

Google Core Web Vitals: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

By | October 14, 2021

If you’ve been freaking out about Google’s newest ranking factor (let’s face it, who in SEO hasn’t?), then worry no more. In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to pass Google Core Web Vitals. This is a complete guide containing everything you ever need to know to measure and optimize Google’s latest page experience factors. … Read More »

Core Web Vitals [Page Experience] Rollout.

By | October 14, 2021

The Core Web vitals started on June 5th with a full rollout in August. With 87% of eCommerce Websites, FAILING Googles Core Web Vitals now is the time to set this as a top priority for your development team or your current SEO Company. Passing Page Experience with good scores is challenging. Our Technical expertise is unmatched in… Read More »