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Search News Buzz Video Recap: Frequent Google Algorithm Updates, Quality Raters Guidelines Updated, IndexNow With Bing & Yandex & More

By | October 22, 2021

First, sorry for the static in the beginning, it stops after 30 seconds. This week, we had another Google search ranking algorithm update to report on, but at least Mordy Oberstein from Semrush proved I am not crazy about reporting on these updates. Google has updated its search quality raters guidelines document, it was last updated about a… Read More »

Comprehensive SEO Checklist 2021 (Updated) – Off-Page SEO – PaceLab

By | October 21, 2021

If you’re seeking SEO checklist which can allow you to expand your website’s organic traffic and ranking on Google, then you’ve just discovered it. We’ve assembled the ultimate checklist which you will need to drive SEO achievement in 2021, covering best practice points and activities you will need to learn about. In the search engine optimization fundamentals to… Read More »

BEST SEO Onpage Audit Tools (Updated 2021) – PaceLab

By | October 20, 2021

In this article, we will share with you the best SEO onpage audit tools you can use to simplify the process of analyzing how optimized websites are and what you can do to improve. I didn’t include this in the beginning because I want you to understand how to audit your site manually and by using free tools… Read More »

Top 10 Best St. Louis SEO Companies (Updated for 2021)

By | October 15, 2021

Are you looking for the best St Louis SEO company? You’re in the right place. None of these companies have paid for placement (unlike 99.9% of lists you’ll find online). Our detailed ranking criteria are below. With that, here are the top St Louis SEO companies. Get Your Free SEO Diagnosis: We have more first page rankings than… Read More »

Google Mobile Search Updated With Continuous Scrolling

By | October 14, 2021

Google Search on mobile is getting updated with continuous scrolling, which will automatically populate more results when users scroll to the bottom of the page. In an announcement, Google states: “At Google, we’re always exploring new ways to help people find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Earlier this year, we launched a redesign of the Search… Read More »

What is People Also Search For or People Also Ask [Updated]

By | October 14, 2021

People Also Search For (PASF) is an SEO Strategy for 2021 and beyond. As Google continues to add variety and make the search engine results pages (SERP) increasingly dynamic, business owners and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals alike can quickly become overwhelmed. It may not seem like it at first glance; these changes present several advantages. Now it’s… Read More »

Google Performance Report Updated For News & Page Experience Filter – You May See Spike In Data

By | October 13, 2021

Google has updated the performance report in Google Search Console that may result in an increase in the number of clicks and impressions being reports in that report. This specifically can show up when you filter the report to the “news” search type and also for the “good page experience” search appearance. Then on September 13, 2021, you… Read More »

SEO Split-Testing [Case Study] “Adding ‘(Updated Day Month)’ to The Title of Category Pages”

By | October 11, 2021

Before you start: what do you know about SEO split-testing? If you’re unfamiliar with the principles of statistical SEO split-testing and how SplitSignal works, we’re suggesting you start here or request a demo of SplitSignal.  First, we asked our Twitter followers to vote: 60% of our followers guessed it right, the test result was positive. Read the full… Read More »

Free WordPress Astra Plugin Updated with Gutenberg Wireframe Blocks

By | October 5, 2021

Astra announced that their Starter Templates plugin is being updated with brand new Gutenberg Wireframe Blocks. This new feature allows publishers and developers to quickly create web page mock-ups within the normal web design workflow. WordPress Gutenberg Editor Gutenberg is the modern website building editor from WordPress. The idea behind the Gutenberg editor is to take the coding… Read More »