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How to be an SEO Trailblazer with Structured Data

By | January 11, 2022

Learn how to take your schema markup to the next level and become an SEO trailblazer like Lindsay Malzone from Excel Impact. Not only does she share with you how to get started, she will also share how to scale your schema markup—all while staying ahead of your competitors by looking beyond industry standards to more advanced structured… Read More »

What is Structured Data in SEO? | Mangools

By | December 9, 2021

What is structured data? Structured data are organized pieces of information in the form of code snippet that helps search engines better understand what the website’s content is about. They can also appear as rich results on the search engine result page (SERP). There are many types of structured data that can be applied to web pages (e.g… Read More »

Google Structured Data Markup Helper Is Outdated

By | November 22, 2021

In 2013, Google launched its Structured Data Markup Helper tool to help site owners mark up their content with structured data without having to know how to code. Well, the tool is outdated, as you’d imagine. Even Caio Barros from Google confirmed the tool is “a bit outdated” and any requested updates to it can take time. Caio… Read More »

How Structured Data Empowers your Content Strategy: A Fireside Chat

By | November 18, 2021

What are Fireside Chats? Our customers tell the best success stories. That’s why we decided to kick off a brand new webinar series from Schema App—Fireside Chats—where we shine a spotlight on the successes our customers have found from structured data. Why Schema Markup? On Thursday, October 28th we held our first Fireside Chat with Simon Yohe, the… Read More »

Vlog #146: Bryan Cush On Health SEO with Schema, Structured Data & Google E-A-T

By | November 15, 2021

In part one, Bryan Cush, the co-founder of Tidal Health Group, and I spoke about how to use health data for content and search marketing and in part two we dug into using medical databases, local search and E-A-T & YMYL. In part three (hint, there is a part four) we talk about schema and structured data for… Read More »

The Role of Structured Data & Its SEO Importance: In Search SEO Podcast

By | November 2, 2021

November 5, 2019   |   Posted by The In Search SEO Podcast Don’t forget, you can keep up with the In Search SEO Podcast by subscribing on iTunes or by following the podcast on SoundCloud!  Summary of Episode 46: Going Deep Into Structured Data & SEO Importance!   This week we have the wonderful, the… Read More »

Google “Uncovers” Job Postings Structured Data Opportunity

By | November 2, 2021

Google posted a new blog post that they “uncovered an opportunity to improve your job posting pages.” I just find this to be a weird way for Google to write about this topic. In short, Google wants you to put more details in the description section of your job postings structured data. Bobby Panczer, Software Engineer, at Google… Read More »