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Keyword Finder – New, Powerful Keyword Research Tool

By | November 29, 2021

July 12, 2016   |   Posted by Rank Ranger We are proud to announce the release of Rank Ranger’s Keyword Finder that’s powered by a data set of half a billion keywords. Keyword Finder is a robust keyword research tool for SEO and marketing professionals. Its power lies in its huge data set and its wide ranging… Read More »

11 Powerful Content Marketing Ideas for 2021 (With Examples)

By | November 25, 2021

There’s only so much time in a day, and you want to be sure you’re spending your content efforts wisely. Here are 11 powerful content marketing ideas you can start today: Publish a 10X guest post Do a tweetstorm Create a newsletter that excites subscribers  Host a webinar series Create checklists, templates, or tools Give away the kitchen sink Publish original… Read More »

SERP News: Google’s Latest Powerful Update

By | November 23, 2021

April 10, 2017   |   Posted by Mordy Oberstein Beware of the Ides of March! First and foremost, thank you Google for me letting begin an SEO news blog post with Shakespeare! That being said, for sites that harbored low quality content, March 15th was something to be wary of. Due to a powerful Google algorithm update,… Read More »

How Powerful is Google’s Jobs Search Engine?

By | November 8, 2021

April 24, 2019   |   Posted by Mordy Oberstein Google’s job listing search engine, Google for Jobs, has been around for a nice while at this point. Though, despite having spread to markets such as India and Japan, not much is known about how vast of a resource Google’s job compilation database is. For job sites such… Read More »

Why (& How) Topic Clusters Are Your Most Powerful SEO ******

By | November 1, 2021

If you want to show Google that your webpages are both relevant to specific keywords and more authoritative than your competitors, topic clusters are one of the best ways to do it. That’s because Google no longer just looks for keywords on webpages when determining rankings. It looks for synonyms, subtopics, and even answers to common questions that… Read More »

The Powerful Link Between Accessibility, SEO, and Google

By | October 19, 2021

It’s long known that good accessibility is good for search engine optimization (SEO). However, most people think of this connection as being specific to implementing alt attributes on their images when the truth is far more involved and complex. In fact, a core measure of the quality of a website and its content is how accessible that content… Read More »

12 Powerful Writing Tools for Crafting SEO-Friendly Content | RankPay

By | October 18, 2021

Let’s be real. We’ve all faced struggles writing. Whether you’re a copywriter, professional blogger, or small business owner crafting a mission statement, formal writing comes with its fair share of headaches. Grammar, spelling, search optimization, writer’s block. You may have experienced any or all of the above. I know I have. For your content to be discovered and… Read More »

Updating Content? 5 Ways to Make it More Powerful

By | October 17, 2021

Have you ever visited a website and gotten the distinct impression that it hasn’t been cared for well? You know the feeling. Maybe the prices or merch are outdated, or the layout screams “I was designed in 2009”. What about the content? Does the same video auto-play each time you load the page? Are the stories missing the… Read More »

Keyword Gap Analysis: The Lesser-Known (But Powerful) Digital Marketing Skill

By | October 16, 2021

Nowadays, digital marketing is necessary. So is Keyword Gap tool.  More and more people are searching and buying products online. But customers are not buying immediately. Instead, they go on a journey — to Google around, read some articles, compare brands and see reviews before they finally make their purchase. Digital marketing is what helps you connect with… Read More »

9 Powerful Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies for 2021

By | October 14, 2021

With the entire world lunging toward digital customer experiences, ecommerce content marketing can give you the edge to beat your competitors. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to generate brand loyalty while increasing online sales in the process. Below, I’ll explain why ecommerce content marketing is so powerful. I’ll also reveal nine different strategies you can use… Read More »