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10 Tips on How to Plan and Use Your Marketing Budget Wisely

By | January 14, 2022

One of the toughest things to gauge when running a business is your marketing budget. If you’re like a lot of business owners, you’re probably allocating funds on an as-needed basis. I know that when a lot of our clients launched their business, they tried to rely on free or low-cost methods as much as possible. Did you… Read More »

Google: 100,000 URLs Usually Won’t Impact Crawl Budget

By | December 22, 2021

Google’s John Mueller said a site with 100,000 URLs usually won’t be enough to impact crawl budget. Your site and number of pages should be larger to where you might run into an issue with Google’s crawl budget. John said this on Twitter “100k URLs is usually not enough to affect crawl budget (it’s in 2016 that a… Read More »

Successful Online Marketing with Limited Budget

By | December 9, 2021

June 24, 2015   |   Posted by Joel Janovsky For many business PR and marketing are major expenses, and expenses that might be difficult to fit into their budgets. There are ways to avoid spending money on marketing and advertising before you can afford it, by promising yourself to make the money, before you spend it.  That… Read More »

SEO for Startups: 8 Steps to Grow on a Budget

By | November 11, 2021

Startups are always on the lookout for scalable growth tactics that can be done with little or no money. Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is one of them. SEO doesn’t require a big budget and, if done correctly, brings free traffic that grows almost on autopilot. What’s more, it can boost other marketing tactics and influence every phase… Read More »

How much to spend on SEO: Budget strategies that fit your business

By | November 3, 2021

A steady upward trend in SEO spending indicates that marketers realize the role SEO plays in helping prospective customers find their offerings. In 2020 alone, US businesses invested an estimated $79.3 billion to increase their organic footprint. But even if you know how critical SEO is to your marketing, deciding how much to spend on it is another… Read More »

Crawl Errors & Crawl Budget: Are They Google Ranking Factors?

By | October 20, 2021

Pop quiz: If you publish a webpage, do search engines rank it? Not always. For a search engine to rank your page, it has to crawl it first. This is where the crawl budget comes into play. Search engines use their crawl budget to crawl your website. If there is a crawl error on the webpage (i.e., 404,… Read More »

Google Ads Gains New Budget Reports

By | October 1, 2021

Google announced new budget reports for Google Ads. Google said these new budget reports will “help you visualize monthly campaign spend behavior.” You can visually see how daily budget changes affected performance and monthly spend limits. The report shows you how much you are projected to pay at the end of the month, how past changes to your… Read More »