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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide

By | January 11, 2022

Jan 11, 2022 | 21 min read Affiliate marketing has become a common buzzword for those who want to leverage their own audience, support brands they use, and earn passive income. In this blog, we’ll cover: Affiliate marketing and how it works Popular niches of affiliate marketing Benefits of affiliate marketing Possible downsides of affiliate marketing Earning potential… Read More »

What Is Keyword Research – A Guide For Beginners

By | December 31, 2021

What is keyword research? It seems pretty straightforward to anyone who does SEO on a daily basis, as part of their blogging practice. But for someone starting out, keyword research can be a baffling topic. I remember reading a long tutorial about keyword research back in 2005 and still being confused about how it worked. The worst thing… Read More »

What is Growth Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide

By | November 30, 2021

DropBox famously supercharged its growth by leveraging its product—it gave away storage space for each new referral to its business. This integration of product and marketing was new at the time. Sean Ellis, then DropBox’s first marketer, coined it “growth *******.”  Another marketer, Andrew Chen, followed on by calling growth hackers the “new VPs of marketing.” Coupled with… Read More »

How to Use Ahrefs: 11 Actionable Use Cases for Beginners

By | November 18, 2021

There are many tools and features in Ahrefs that can help boost your SEO/marketing efforts. But to a complete newbie, our SEO platform can seem overwhelming. So if you lack experience in SEO tools like Ahrefs, I have selected 11 simple and super actionable use cases that you can try right now and get immediate value from. Here they are:… Read More »

Off-Page SEO (A Beginner’s Guide)

By | November 2, 2021

November 13, 2019   |   Posted by Liraz Postan Are you struggling to rank higher on Google even though you’ve double and triple-optimized everything under the sun? If you’ve mastered the content on your page the problem might be your off-page SEO… or lack of it. Nowadays, search engines primarily use complicated algorithms to determine which pages… Read More »

Blog: A Guide to JSON-LD for Beginners | TechnicalSEO.com

By | October 30, 2021

Structured data is a must-have for many sites, but it can be hard to get a handle on the technical […] The post A Guide to JSON-LD for Beginners appeared first on TechnicalSEO.com. Source link

What is SEO Content? Beginner’s Guide to Writing Content that Ranks « SEOPressor – WordPress SEO Plugin

By | October 21, 2021

We all know from Bill Gates that “Content is King” — however nowadays creating compelling and customer-centric content is no longer enough to win rankings and shoppers. Without perfectly SEO optimized content, even the best content can fail to perform in natural search. After all, what’s the point of creating content that’s useful if your target audience can’t find… Read More »

A beginner’s checklist for ranking landing pages | Improve My Search Ranking

By | October 21, 2021

Landing pages — generally used for promoting products and services — can be a bit difficult to rank. They are obviously different from SEO-driven, long-form blog posts. Blog posts are more informative and educational in nature. The focus is more about providing relevant information to readers and educating them about a topic. You have more opportunities to get… Read More »

A beginner’s guide to recovering from core algorithm updates | Improve My Search Ranking

By | October 20, 2021

Google’s core algorithm updates are not that uncommon. Google’s search algorithm can be updated multiple times a year, and it can leave many websites in tatters after.  While the demotion in search rankings is a big nuisance, you can recover from it if you keep your calm and take the right steps. In this blog post, we are… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Organic Traffic – SurfResults Marketing

By | October 20, 2021

Did you know that almost 45% of people don’t like ads that pop up based on their searches? That was just one of the negative findings in a survey conducted of over 1000 online shoppers. In fact, only 10% of respondents didn’t find digital ads annoying! But, when you need to market your business, what else can you do? Luckily there… Read More »