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SpamBrain Flexes In Google’s 2022 Web Spam Report

Google Spam Brain

Every year Google releases its web spam report showing how much better the search company got at fighting search spam. This year is no different but here, Google is showcasing how successful SpamBrain was at making big strides in fighting search spam.

Here are some high level numbers that Google shared in its 2022 report:

  • SpamBrain detected 5 times more spam sites in 2022 compared to 2021
  • SpamBrain detected 200 times more spam sites in 2022 compared to when SpamBrain first launched in 2018
  • 99% spam free search
  • SpamBrain was incorporated in the December 2022 link spam update
  • Detected 50 times more link spam compared to the previous update, the July 2021 link spam update
  • 10 times improvement in **** site detection
  • SpamBrain can detect spam during crawling, so a page doesn’t need to be indexed to be found to be spammy
  • Clicks to scam sites were reduced by 50% over the past year

Those are some of the highlights from the new 2022 report, to see the previous reports, there was the 2020 spam report, then 2019, 2018 and 2017 and there were more.

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Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline for Passover.

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