Social Media Updates – March Roundup


Hi, I’m Rachel, a Paid Social Account Director at Anicca Digital. I’ve put together the most recent social media updates for March 2023!


• Facebook is testing a new feature called Meta Verified
• LinkedIn launch a ‘star’ feature in your messages
• Instagram has launched ‘Quiet mode.’
• Instagram is pushing ‘memories.’
• Twitter is trialling and launching several algorithm changes
• TikTok is allowing you to refresh your FYP
• LinkedIn has launched native scheduling

Meta Verified

Facebook has announced the testing of a new feature called “Meta Verified,” aimed at helping creators build their audiences and increase their reach on the platform. Here are some key points to note:
• It will verify the creators’ identity on the platform, ensuring their followers that the content they see is genuine.
• The feature will also include a “Creator Spotlight” section, which will showcase creators’ work across different genres, making it easier for users to discover and follow creators that interest them.
• The system will use human review and automated processes to verify creators and their content.
• The feature is being tested with a small group of creators initially, with plans to expand the test to more creators in the coming months.
• Facebook has stated that the goal of Meta Verified is to give creators more control over their presence on the platform and to create a more personalised experience for users.

LinkedIn launch a ‘star’ feature in your messages

It’s now possible to ‘star; conversations in your LinkedIn inbox. This feature is very similar to ‘starring’ in Gmail etc. It helps to mark conversations you want to come back to. This should helpfully allow users to filter out valuable messages from the spam.

Instagram has launched ‘Quiet mode.’

This new feature is to help people focus and to encourage people to set boundaries with their friends and followers. Once enabled, you won’t receive any notifications; your profile’s activity status will change to let people know.
This new feature is based on feedback from Instagram users who want more space on social. You can customise your Quiet mode hours to fit your schedule, and once the feature is turned off, you’ll see a quick summary of notifications to catch up on what you missed.

Instagram Memories

Instagram has launched a new feature to encourage users to share their old posts through a Memory’ section. This feature has been around for a while, but it took much work to find and was named ‘archive’. They are now prioritising this within the main stories menu and encouraging user engagement.

Twitter is trialling and launching several algorithm changes

A never-ending story of algorithm updates! We have summarised the most recent changes that might impact your Twitter user experience below.
• Only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations.
• Only verified accounts will be able to vote in polls.
• Twitter is beginning to remove legacy verification badges
• For You algorithm included too many tweets from people users didn’t follow. That change has been reverted.

You can refresh TikTok’s “For You” Page to show you alternative content topics

TikTok’s “For You” feed shows users personalised content recommendations based on their viewing history and interactions. Feedback from users suggests that they see too many similar videos or too many videos on the same topic. TikTok has been experimenting with several features to improve its recommendation algorithm and enhance user experience, including customising the “For You” feed and removing content categories from the feed.

• The new feature allows users to refresh their “For You” feed by tapping the “refresh” button located on the top right corner of the “For You” page.
• According to TikTok, the refresh button is aimed at helping users who might have seen all the content in their feed and want to discover new videos.
• The feature is currently available only to users in the United States, but it will roll out globally soon.


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