Social Media Updates – April Roundup

BeReal is launching ‘RealPeople’ in the UK 

In a recent announcement, BeReal explained that this new feature will be a curated timeline of the most interesting people from top athletes, artists, activists and everything in between”. This announcement closely follows another recent app update, ‘bonus bereal’ where you get 2 additional ‘BeReals’ in a day when you post within a 2-minute window of the first alert.  


 Brands will now have to pay to advertise on Twitter.  

As part of their new verification process, brands must be ‘blue badge verified’ to be advertised on the platform. This verification costs around £9.60 a month and has a few additional perks. As a blue badge verified brand, you will get the following: 

  • Prioritized rankings in conversations and search 
  • See approximately twice as many Tweets between ads in your For You and Following timelines. 
  • Add bold and italic text in your Tweets 
  • Post longer videos and 1080p video uploads 
  • All the existing Blue features, including Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders and early access to new features 


Instagram now lets you add up to 5 links to your bio 

Described as ‘one of the most requested features’ by Mark Zukerbeg, you can now add up to five links to your Instagram bio. We expect this change to come from millions of users opting for third-party tools such as LinkTree to solve this problem.  


Instagram launches new features in Reels for creators. 

It seems like Instagram is taking some learnings from Tiktok and trying to make reel creation easier. Users can now look for trending audio and browse a popular hashtag page. New metrics such as total and average watch times are available in Insights. They are also improving and expanding the range of gifts on reels.   


Twitter has published how its algorithm works  

This is a first! Usually, the likes of Meta, Twitter, and TikTok aren’t very open about how content is shown on their platforms. For Twitter to go into a lot of detail on their algorithm and how it works is the most transparency we have seen. 


Pinterest announces a partnership with Amazon to bring third-party ad demand to the platform 

This new partnership will enable Amazon advertisers to expand their campaigns to Pinterest via an integrated presentation and purchase flow process. We can expect the integration to complete later in 2023. 


Here at Anicca, we stay up-to-**** on all Paid Social and Organic social developments and apply them to our clients’ campaigns. You can check out our Paid Social and Organic Social services here. Impressed with our knowledge and coverage of search? Give us a call on 0116 402 0844.


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