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Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Reviews Update, Google Core Update’s Local Search Impact, Webspam Report, Generative AI Coming To Google Search, Bard Updates & Bing Chat Plugins

This week in search, we covered the new April 2023 reviews update that goes beyond just product reviews. We also covered the possible impact the Google March 2023 broad core update had on local search. Google’s John Mueller said they don’t launch algorithm updates and say they got everything wrong. Google released its web spam report, showing how SpamBrain significantly reduced spam. Google will remove video thumbnail images when the video is not the main part of the content. Google’s CEO said Google Search would use generative AI. Google Bard added “Google it” search topics and a release notes page. Bing Chat may soon support third-party plugins. Google Ads is testing another design for the advertiser verification badge. Google Ads is testing new identity verification for business name and logos. Google Ads will deprecate non-last-click rules-based attribution. Google Ads tests an expanded Your Google Ads Summary box in web search. Google said it learns how to crawl your site’s URL patterns. Google said there is no reason to delay the release of thousands of pages. Bing spoke a bit about private domain name registration. And Wylie Gustafson, who created and voiced the “Yahoo-oo-oo” was back at Yahoo. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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