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Yesterday we launched our new site design along with Social Media Analytics and today we’re happy to let developers know that we’ve got some cool API packages that allow you to code search data and our SEO and Marketing platform functionality into your applications.

If you’re creating custom dashboards, elaborate analytical reports or mobile apps, Rank Ranger’s powerful and versatile search APIs provide a great solution for obtaining accurate organic, local, mobile, video and app store search engine data for you to integrate into your application.

Competitive Intelligence Data

Competitive insights are extremely important for SEO and digital marketing analysis and that’s why we offer Rank Top 50 and Rank Top 100 APIs.  These API data extraction methods help you discover the top 50 or top 100 landing pages ranking for any keyword on specific search engines and include notation of the existence of special Search Result Indicators such as events, local results, answer box, breadcrumbs, news, notable online source, site links, video, search box, HTTPS and ratings.

Example of Notable Online in Google Search

Notable online

Example of API response

API response for search

Deeper Search Results Research APIs

Since SERPs are now rich with eye candy like Knowledge Graphs, Carousels, Maps and more, the traditional 10 result titles, links and descriptions for page one now compete with all those Google SERP features for the coveted click through.  And as if that wasn’t enough, before a potential visitor even sees your
link, Google’s Suggested Search may pull them into a more targeted
result.  If the site you’ve optimized doesn’t rank on page one, then it’s also at risk of being overlooked if the searcher clicks one of Google’s Related Search phrases at the bottom of the screen.  Rank Ranger provides a versatile solution to these challenges.


Google SERP Features

Google organic Rank Top 50 or Rank Top 100 packages can be upgraded with Google SERP Features for additional search intelligence data including:

  • Knowledge Graph title and subtitle
  • Carousel type and up to 50 results
  • Answer Box existence and type
  • Local Pack top 3 titles
  • Image Pack results URLs
  • News Pack results titles and URLs
  • Paid Results

Example of Google SERP Features API results


In this example API results include the keyword, Top 50 results with Search Results Indicator of site links, notable online and HTTPS (at the bottom) and Knowledge Graph and News Google SERP features results for Ferrari.

Search Intelligence Data

Google Suggested Search API 

Discover the keywords Google is suggesting when your keywords are entered into a Google Search. This API provides up to 10 results along with the HTML detailing the words that display in bold in those suggested keyword search results. This information is critical for optimizing content to improve rank and click through rates.

Google Suggest Search API

Google Related Search API

Search phrases related to a keyword that Google displays at the bottom of a search engine results page are provided by our Google Related Search API.  Smart SEOs are using this data to expand their content with additional targeted keywords and capture a larger share of the potential audience.

Google Related Search Results

Developers, What are You Building?

Developers can easily integrate Rank Stats, Average Rank, Market Reach, top 50 and top 100 rank, competitor stats, suggested search, related search, special SERP features like Carousel, Knowledge Graph, Answer Box and more with Rank Ranger Search APIs.

Let us know more about the applications you’re building and if there’s anything we can do to help you.

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