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Get FREE Access to Rank Ranger’s SEO Platform just for Sharing Your Experience

Share your Rank Ranger SEO Platform experiences in your blog and send us a link to the article to qualify for your choice of a free 6-month subscription* (valued at $19 per month) or a discount of $19 per month for 6 months off any larger subscription package.


This promotion is subject to change and we have a limited number of discounted packages available each month – so if you’re interested in participating please contact us before publishing to determine if the opportunity exists.  

It’s a Win-Win-Win Situation!

You get the professional benefits of using the Rank Ranger SEO Platform plus:

  • Authority as your article (or link to your article if you publish on your blog) will be featured on Rank Ranger’s blog page for all of our visitors to see, to learn from you, and to share your knowledge.
  • Engagement as your article receives comments and questions from Rank Ranger’s readers, and thus extends your network.
  • Backlinks through your Author Bio that can include a permanent do-follow backlink to your website or blog and any of your business social network profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

The Rules… Write a Review that Will Be Approved

  • Only unique content that we believe our readers will find valuable and that has not been published elsewhere will be approved.
  • Content needs to be related to Rank Ranger, SEO, website
    optimization and/or online marketing; for example: winning SEO or online
    marketing strategies, trending news, site optimization, how-to
    information for beginners, research, etc.
  • Minimum 400 words in length in English.
  • Only links that our Editorial Staff believe enhance your article
    (i.e., support, or serve as references for, statements you’ve made) will
    be allowed. Affiliate links are not allowed.
  • Each article must be accompanied by at least 1 relevant image that you possess the rights to publish. For example:

    • Screenshots, illustrations or images that you have created.
    • Images you have purchased must include attribution (below the image) as legally required.

Reviews that Will Not Be Accepted

We reserve the right to reject Reviews that our Editorial Staff deems to be:

  • Commercial in nature.
  • Potentially in violation of copyright laws.
  • Containing inappropriate and/or unprofessional language.
  • Already published elsewhere.
  • Not valuable to our readers.


What to Expect After You Submit Your Review

Our Editorial Staff reviews every submission against the criteria
outlined above. Depending on the number of submissions, the editing
queue can take from one to two weeks for each post to be reviewed, so please be patient.

We will contact you if we have any questions, or need additional information, and when accepting or rejecting your post.

If you need to make changes to, or withdraw, your article please promptly notify us at [email protected].

All Editorial Staff decisions are final.

Register your Free Trial and Submit Your Review

Insert your review link in (or attach your review to) an email and send to [email protected]

* Free 6-month subscription includes: 5 Campaigns, 50 Keywords and 3 Competitors tracked on 1 Search Engine.

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Rank Ranger is an SEO Platform designed to standardize management and reporting for the digital marketing world by filling the need for a comprehensive online marketing platform capable of tracking & monitoring campaign data, integrated with 3rd party software and services, providing fully personalized and customized reporting, 100% white label automated reports and a branded web interface.

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