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Pinterest launches AI ad tools

Pinterest is rolling out new AI-powered ad tools and measurement partnerships to drive better performance and brand safety for advertisers.

The big picture. Pinterest is investing heavily in generative AI capabilities for more engaging, personalized ad formats and automating campaign optimization.

What’s new. Pinterest is launching an “Ad Labs” innovation program to test prototypes like:

  • Personalized background generation using its visual search AI to create aesthetically tailored lifestyle backgrounds for Product Pins.
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  • Interactive, shoppable collage ads that let users curate brand imagery, with early tests driving strong engagement.
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Brands like John Lewis, Wayfair and Bumble are testing collages for advertisers.

It’s also expanding brand safety validation through partnerships with measurement firms IAS and DoubleVerify.

Why we care. These AI-powered updates show a desire for Pinterest’s to evolve their ad platform with cutting-edge technology that can drive performance, effective personalisation, efficiency, improved brand safety and unique experiences for advertisers aiming to effectively reach its audience.

The AI boost. Pinterest Performance+, currently in closed beta, uses automation and AI to optimize campaigns for better cost efficiency.

  • Early tests showed 10%+ improvements in cost per acquisition for conversion campaigns.
  • It also reduced campaign setup time by 50% thanks to automated inputs.

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What they’re saying. “We saw the unique opportunity with collages to take customers from inspiration to action with a single ad creative,” said Wayfair’s Sandro Corsaro, an early Ad Labs partner.

Brand safety matters. Pinterest says 99% of measurable ad impressions were rated brand safe by IAS and DoubleVerify during testing.

Limitation. The collage ads are initially limited to select brands like Nike, Wayfair and NYX Cosmetics, with more advertisers to come.

What’s next. Expect further AI-powered upgrades as Pinterest aims to stand out through automation and personalization at scale.

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