On-Page Optimization Gets SERP Preview, Page Speed Test

Our On-Page Keyword Optimization report has become more comprehensive with the addition of an editable Google SERP Preview tool, Page Speed check and Top 10 keywords.  We’ve also added Report Options because with the growing number of page analysis tools in this report we realize that not everyone wants to display everything when exporting this report to share with a client.

Google SERP Preview Tool

Click the SERP Preview button below the page score badge to view how Google search is displaying the page title, URL and meta description. The chart to the right of that displays the number of characters in the title and description, and the page title pixel width and page description pixel width vs. the numbers actually allowed by Google for display in search engine results.

On-Page SERP Preview Tool

Use the SERP Preview Tool to optimize your meta tags to improve the SEO of the page and the chances for better click-thru when it does show up in the SERPs. For example, if I were responsible for the SEO of the page displayed in this screenshot, addressing the character and pixel width issues and the quality of the title and description content would be a priority.  So, I’d change the title and description in the Editor until more positive results display.

Use SERP Preview Tool Editor to Improve page SEO

Go ahead, click the button to preview how your page title, URL and meta description displays in Google results. (Simply replace the content in the editor with your own.)

SERP Preview Tool


Recheck on-page keyword optimization


When I’ve tweaked the content to my satisfaction, I could copy that title and description into the web page and then come back to the on-page keyword optimization tool and click the new Recheck button to run the full optimization report based on my changes.

Top 10 Page Keywords

We’ve added the Top 10 Keywords that occur most frequently on the page to the analysis that checks the title tag for the keyword you’re optimizing page content for, as well as the number of keyword occurrences in the page content, if keyword frequency is optimized, and the word is prominently presented and with emphasis.

Top 10 Keyword Analysis

Page Response Speed

Page load time, redirects, minification of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, GZip compression and image optimization can all affect search engine rank, so we’ve added this page speed test. PageSpeed Insight Score is provided, along with a Page Code Breakdown pie chart and recommendations for correcting problems.

Page Response Speed Test

Report Options

You may have noticed that we like highly customizable reports, so we’ve added report options to allow you to select which page analysis sections to display and whether or not to display the descriptions and recommendations for each page analysis factor. 

Show or Hide On-Page Analysis Description or RecommendationsFor example, if you have a clear understanding of the factor descriptions you can set them to Hide when you’re viewing the report, but you might choose to set them to Show in the PDF export that you share with your client.  And you may choose to view the recommended actions for resolving a potential problem, but maybe that information would overwhelm your client, so you can hide that.

On-Page Analysis Descriptions and Recommendations

You can now also show or hide any of these On-Page Analysis sections:

  • Page URL
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • H1 Heading
  • Page Structure
  • Page Keywords
  • Content Statistics
  • Readability
  • Search Engine Access
  • Page Response Speed
  • Images
  • Canonical Tags
  • Page Links
  • Mobile Access
  • And more to come in the near future

We will continue to roll out updates to enhance our On-Page Keyword Optimization report with the goal of helping you improve the SEO of every page you manage, and staying up to do **** with search engines updates and changes. Your feedback on this, as well as all the reports and tools in our SEO platform is welcome.  If you’re not already a Rank Ranger customer and would like to try our platform, I invite you to start your free trial.

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