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Microsoft Says SEOs Don’t Realize Bing Search Usage

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Fabrice Canel, the Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, said, “Bing usage extends beyond what many search engine optimizers (SEOs) may realize.” He is basically saying that Bing Search is more important than most of us are giving them and maybe we should consider Bing more when it comes to investing in our efforts

Fabrice said this on X after Lily Ray showed how Statcounter showed Google losing about 2% market share and Bing gaining almost all of that share.

Fabrice wrote, “Bing usage extends beyond what many search engine optimizers (SEOs) may realize. If you zoom in, there have been notable trends to consider as the market share of desktop search engines in the United States since 2019 (chart here).

He added:

Additionally, it’s important to remember that Bing powers several other search engines, including DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Ask, Ecosia, Swisscows and more surfaces as Windows, Copilot and more. If you sum up all, the impact is even more significant.

This isn’t just a matter of click volume; it’s about the business value derived from those clicks, which correlates well with searchers satisfaction. SEOs who monitor business conversion rates per 1000 users find Bing’s traffic to be particularly valuable. Happy SEOs tracking business conversion = happy “Bing” searcher = happy Fabrice.

In January we reported Bing gained only 1% or so in share, which was a disappointing figure. But according to Fabrice, we are not looking at everything we should.

Here is that post:

Fabrice shared the Statcounter desktop search market share that shows Bing at over 17% share with Google at 76%. Keep in mind, Yahoo is almost at 4%, DuckDuckGo at 2% and others.

Statcounter Search Engine Us Monthly 201901 202403

But when you look at wordwild Statcounter data it is more with Google at 91% and Bing at 3.3% across all platforms (desktop and mobile):

Statcounter Search Engine Ww Monthly 202302 202403

US market share for all platforms according to Statcounter has Google at 87% and Bing at 8%:

Statcounter Search Engine Us Monthly 202302 202403

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