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Microsoft: Dark Mode Coming To Bing Chat

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Microsoft will be bringing dark mode to Bing Chat in the future. Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, when asked about dark mode for Bing Chat, he said on Twitter, “Coming, man, coming.”

Here are those tweets:

People **** dark mode and when Google announced dark mode for Google Bard at Google I/O, it got a standing ovation. Dark mode, more than massive improvements to the underlining LLMs and systems that make these AI ****** better and more impressive, is making an interface that supports dark mode – for some reason.

Here is the Bing Chat interface when I asked if when will it support dark mode, and I find the answer more impressive than the ability to support dark mode itself:

click for full size

Google answered it pretty well, as well, I was not able to include the full answer, I cut it off to save space:

click for full size

So, Microsoft will be bringing dark mode support to Bing Chat. It does make me wonder how the various response tones colors will work in dark mode.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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