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Microsoft: Bing Chat To Show Referrer Analytics Data In Coming Weeks

Bing Chat Analytics Tools

It is hard for site owners, content creators, and marketers to know how much traffic and visibility they get from Bing Chat. But that might change soon, as Fabrice Canel from Microsoft said they will soon pass referrer data and show clicks and impressions.

As a reminder, we were told several weeks ago that Bing Webmaster Tools would be adding Bing Chat data to its reports. That has yet to come but according to Fabrice Canel, it might be here in the “following weeks.” Fabrice wrote on Twitter, “We will start reporting clicks and impressions in Bing Chat in the following weeks.”

Also, Fabrice said, “you will see clicking the chat results links that the http header referer is set to (no path or parameter). So Google Analytics and others can only report for all bing clicks.”

So we should start seeing Bing Chat show up in analytics tools in the following weeks as well. We do see some unique referrer data from Bing Chat in the Edge sidebar but not from Bing Chat directly, not yet at least.

Soon this will be available both as referrer data so that analytics tools, like Google Analytics, can show it and also within Bing Webmaster Tools performance reports.

Here is a screenshot from when Fabrice showed this off in late February:

click for full size

Here are those tweets:

I checked to see if this is showing up now and I do not see it yet, so stay tuned.

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