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Microsoft Ads introduces PLA Extensions

PLA Extensions are the first fully integrated retail media solution from Microsoft allowing brands to serve product ads both onsite and offsite with a single budget while automatically optimizing for the best balance of performance and reach.

How it works. Previously limited by ad supply constraints onsite (advertising products on a retailer’s website), brands will now be able to reach a significantly larger number of in-market shoppers offsite. By displaying highly relevant product ads to shoppers and directing them back to the retailer’s website for purchase, brands can adopt a more unified approach to their retail media investments.

Onsite vs. offsite ads. PLA Extensions enable brands to measure the impact of their onsite and offsite ads and gain a more comprehensive view of the shopper’s journey.

With PLA Extension, brands can access more ad supply offsite and also activate the retailer’s first-party data and Microsoft’s audience intelligence to target highly relevant shoppers through offsite channels—including new buyers.

When brands choose to use PLA Extension, if an onsite campaign is underspending, the feature will automatically extend their product listing ad to offsite product placements powered by the Microsoft Search Network and the Microsoft Audience Network, optimizing performance and reach across on- and offsite product ad placements.

Functionality explained. For example, suppose a shopper, John, is searching for a new pair of boots on his favorite retailer’s website. He sees an ad for a specific brand of boots but gets distracted before adding them to his cart and leaves the website without making a purchase. Later that evening, he sees the ad again on Bing, clicks it, and is directed to the product page on the retailer’s website, where he completes his purchase. Meanwhile, another shopper, Sandra, who is unfamiliar with the brand, sees the ad on DuckDuckGo and clicks through to make a purchase. Thanks to PLA Extension, the brand has reached in-market shoppers both on and off the retailer’s site with a single PLA campaign.

PLA Extension increases brand awareness and directs potential customers back to the product landing page, expanding the audience and raising the likelihood of sales.

Try it out. Brands currently working with one or more retailers powered by Microsoft PromoteIQ and interested in leveraging this new feature should contact their PromoteIQ account representatives and inform their retailers.

Dig deeper. Read the announcement from Microsoft here.

Why we care. PLA Extension enables advertisers to expand their reach by serving product ads both onsite and offsite with a single budget. This approach allows brands to target a larger number of potential customers and drive more traffic to their product pages.

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