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Microsoft: 71% Of Searchers Give The New Bing Search AI Experience A Thumbs Up

Bing Thumbs Up

Microsoft published a new blog post on the Bing blog about its learnings from its first week with the new Bing AI search and chat feature being live. Microsoft said the new Bing experience has mostly been “positive,” where “71% of you giving the AI-powered answers a thumbs up” in the interface.

Can you believe some chat sessions last over two hours with the Bing chat?

Microsoft also said they have “received good feedback on how to improve” and that “this is expected” as the service is new and user feedback is critical to improve it. Areas they said they need to improve include:

  • Answers that need timely data, such as sports scores or financial reports.
  • They didn’t realize people would use the chat for “general discovery of the world, and for social entertainment.” Some have extended chat sessions with 15 or more questions and the responses can be repetitive and seem provoked in a weird tone. Some even did 2-hour long chat sessions!
  • Technical bugs such as slow loading, broken links, or incorrect formatting, Microsoft said. Oh, by the way, I was given access a week ago, but it still does not work for me at all under my account – Microsoft is working on it.
  • New features such as booking flights or sending email or sharing news and answers and more

Microsoft is working on these issues and feedback, they said, and offered some ideas in their blog post.

What exciting times!

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