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The Rank Risk Index has been red *** for nearly a week, and with no word yet from Google, we are wondering what is causing such strong SERP fluctuations. Over the past month, Google has announced changes they are planning to make to their algorithm – The Mobile Friendliness update that is planned for April 21st, where Google has said that they will be taking a hard line on any businesses whose websites are not mobile-friendly, and the Doorway Pages change, since Google announced that they will be taking action on websites using Doorway Pages to alter their visibility in the SERPs.

Announcements such as these can cause a bit of mayhem amongst SEO professionals and one cause of the drastic changes in search engine results could be due to everyone trying to ready their websites.

The Webmaster World forum is buzzing with many users noticing changes in the SERPs as well as some reporting positive increases in traffic, while others are concerned about a drastic drop in traffic on their sites.

One user (Kratos) has suggested “I’m guessing the Google servers handling the fetching are being overloaded as people prepare for the 21st.”

Rank Risk Index

For the moment we are closely monitoring the Rank Risk Index, web chatter and Google’s forums to determine what’s causing this red streak of rank change for so many days.

What’s your take on the dramatic SERP fluctuations? Let us know in the comments below.

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