Keyword Finder – New, Powerful Keyword Research Tool

We are proud to announce the release of Rank Ranger’s Keyword Finder that’s powered by a data set of half a billion keywords.

Keyword Finder is a robust keyword research tool for SEO and marketing professionals. Its power lies in its huge data set and its wide ranging filtering and sorting features that allow you to obtain the specific data that is so valuable to have when deciding on an SEO, PPC or social media strategy. 

keyword finder big data keyword results

Fig. 1  Half a Billion Keywords at Your Fingertips

Keyword Finder’s Unique Keyword Research Features  

Advanced Keyword Filtering and Sorting

The Keyword Finder’s search interface is really simple to use, it’s divided into two sections: the top section has the Main Filtering Options where you can add multiple Keyword Filters and below that you’ll find a set of Quick Filters for further refinement of results.

Main Filtering Options

The Keyword Finder’s powerful filtering and sorting options allow you to get the precise keyword information you need. You start by specifying what term(s) the keywords should or should not contain. You can also specify terms the keyword should start or end with. You have the option to add an unlimited number of keyword conditions. Options exist to filter results by Keyword, Search Volume, Average CPC, as well as by keyword Character Count and Word Count.

The example below demonstrates the main filtering options and how the Keyword Finder delivers the targeted data you’re looking for. In this search example, the goal was to find keywords that contain the term “gps” but that do not contain the term “Garmin” (a provider of GPS systems) and we applied a filter which limited the results to include only keywords whose average CPC was less than or equal to $10.


main keyword filtering options 

Fig. 2  Main Filtering Options

Quick Filters and Sorting

In addition to the main filtering options, Keyword Finder is equipped with a set of easy-to-use Quick Filters that boost your ability to set custom filtering values with a click of the mouse. The following is a list of the quick filters and a brief explanation of each:

  • Popular Search Terms: Keywords that have a minimum search volume of 3K
  • Questions: Keywords that are in question form (i.e., “Which cell phone has the longest battery life?”)
  • Highly Competitive Keywords: Those keywords that have an average CPC of over $2.00
  • Less Competitive Keywords: Keywords with an average CPC of $2.00 or less
  • Short Tail Keywords: Keywords that are four or less words
  • Long Tail Keywords: Keywords that contain more than four words

To provide even greater keyword research results refinement, the Keyword Finder allows you to sort your results in ascending or descending order by:

  • Relevancy
  • Average CPC
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword 
  • Word Count
  • Character Count 

keyword quick filters
Fig. 3 Quick Filters and Sorting

Aggregate Keyword Report

When deciding on a keyword, it’s important to have access to the broader picture of how a specific keyword fits into the data for all related keywords. With precisely this in mind, each and every keyword query executed by Keyword Finder provides the following aggregate metrics:

  • Aggregate Search Traffic – the total search volume for all keyword variations in the search results
  • Traffic Range Data – the range of search volumes for all the keyword variations
  • Cumulative Traffic Cost – the aggregate CPC cost of all keyword variations in the search results  
  • CPC Range – the range of average CPC cost for all the keyword variations
  • Volume Distribution – displays the distribution of keyword terms by search volume group 
  • Word Count Distribution – displays the distribution of keywords by word count

Having access to this data puts each keyword’s search volume, CPC cost and length into perspective and helps you decide which keywords to target.
aggregate keyword results

Fig. 4  Aggregate Keyword Report

Examples Using Keyword Finder


Example 1: Narrowing Down Results by Excluding Terms

The following example illustrates a keyword search that might be done by a business that sells toys related to the Pokemon brand or has a blog about the latest Pokemon developments. A simple search for “pokemon” without applying any additional filters returns 62,732 keywords. 

unfiltered search

Fig. 5 Initial, Unfiltered Search

If this business wants to focus only on those keywords with over 1,000 searches per month, they can easily add a filter for search volume that delivers the desired results.


refined search by search volume

Fig. 6  Narrowing down keyword results to fit your needs

Example 2: Narrowing Down Results to Conform to PPC & SEO Requirements


Another scenario that exemplifies the ease-of-use and power of the Keyword Finder would be a seller of Star Wars games who is looking for the best keywords to target for their landing pages and blog posts. If this marketer wants to focus on long tail keywords to give them a better chance to rank at the top of the search results, they can obtain those results by clicking on the Keyword Finder’s “Long Tail” Quick Filter as we’ve done in this example.

search with long tail filter

Fig. 7  Long Tail Search for Star Wars Games

Keyword Finder provided more than 1,000 long tail keywords based on the keyword filters applied in the above example.


keyword results with long tail filter

Fig. 8  Results of Long Tail Search

After seeing the results of the initial search and noticing the average CPC figures, our marketer might decided that they’re only interested in keywords that cost $1.50 or less. Obtaining those results is simple, all they need to do is add a filter that narrows down the results to show only keywords with that CPC cost, as we’ve done in the following example.

long tail keywords with cpc filter

Fig. 9  Search for Long Tail Keywords that Cost $1.50 or Less

Using the Long Tail and CPC filters further refined the Star Wars research results.

long tail keywords with cpc limit search results

Fig. 10  Results with Long Tail Keywords & $1.50 CPC Limit

Take Keyword Finder for a Test Drive!

Keyword Finder is a powerful and versatile research tool with a broad range of uses and implementations that is only limited by your creativity and imagination. Keyword Finder is included in Rank Ranger’s SEO & Marketing Platform and is also offered as a stand alone service.  Anyone can have free limited access to Keyword Finder to test drive some of its filtering options.  

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