Issue 137: 100K URL Migration Case Study

By | October 18, 2021


Hi there 👋,

Last week I released a new script for; Index Checker.

Add a list of your URLs to my G sheets template and with a click of a button, you can check the index status of your URLs. 600 free requests per month 😊 Loved working on this one.

My Post of the Week is from Cyrus on the Moz blog with a great case study on how they migrated the Moz SEO Q&A (100k+ URLS) in just a couple of weeks! Yes weeks!

He explains how they went about the migration and the results they achieved. Super interesting!

Until next week!

Andrew Charlton

Post of the Week

The New Moz SEO Q&A: 100K URL Migration Case Study

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Core Web Vitals — everything you need to know

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On-page optimization with Python for SEO

Another smash hit from Daniel Heredia! This time with a Python script to find terms occurrences to improve on-page optimisation.

Processes & Frameworks

Marketing Productivity: What It Is & How to Measure It

Kevin Indig talks about how we should look at marketing like engineering and 7 ways to increase marketing productivity. 🙌

(Probably) The Best Screaming Frog Settings for (Most) Site Audits

Max Peters has put together a superb guide on what he considers as the best Screaming Frog Settings for (most) site audits 👏 🐸


SEO Content Audit Template – A Data-Driven Approach

An awesome SEO content audit template in Sheets by Christina Brodzky 🔥

How to run time-based SEO tests using Python

Want to run SEO tests in Python using your Google Search Console data? This looks great from Matt Clarke!

Build a Chrome extension to automate a part of your routine – Antoine Eripret

Every wondered how to create a Chrome extension. Antoine shows you how he built an extension that displays search volume in Google Search Console.

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Index Checker [New Script]

Index Checker: Check the Google index status of your URLs 🚀

600 free checks per month. 🙌

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